Denmark orders Swedish Carl-Gustaf M4 anti-tank recoilless rifles

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Swedish aerospace and defence institution Saab announced connected Thursday an bid from the Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) for the multi-role, man-portable Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon.

As noted by the company, the caller bid makes Denmark the 15th lawsuit for the M4 version.

Deliveries volition instrumentality spot successful 2022.


The recoilless Carl-Gustaf M4 limb increases tactical flexibility. Built to fulfill aboriginal requirements, it is compatible with precocious occurrence power devices and prepared for specialised ammunition, putting precocious exertion astatine forces’ fingertips.

“We are acceptable to proviso Denmark with Carl-Gustaf M4. The user-focused plan of the Carl-Gustaf M4 volition guarantee the Danish forces that they volition person what they need, erstwhile they request it,” says Görgen Johansson, caput of Saab’s concern country Dynamics.

The Danish Armed Forces person been utilizing Carl-Gustaf, which is designated Dysekanon successful the country, since the 1970s.