Crypto Exchange FTX Offers Stock Trading Services to All Users in US

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Cryptocurrency exchange FTX.US has opened banal trading to users successful each 50 U.S. states.

Company President Brett Harrison tweeted Wednesday, saying:

“Trade hundreds of stocks and ETFs from some the web ( and the FTX US Pro mobile app.”

The FTX speech volition treble its presumption successful the cryptocurrency ecosystem and mainstream banal markets.

The institution said it launched FTX, a caller banal and ETF trading platform, intending to supply a broad trading exertion covering each plus classes.

For banal and options trading, this includes services specified arsenic clearing and custody. So the institution announced past period the acquisition of Embed Financial Technologies Inc., including its wholly-owned subsidiary Embed Clearing LLC, to further foray into the tract of banal trading and to summation a bully narration with regulators connected its caller banal offering.

The U.S. limb of the FTX speech piloted the diagnostic to a prime radical of customers successful May and said it would not complaint fees oregon monetise trades similar Robinhood (HOOD).

FTX and its US subsidiary FTX US person been progressive successful the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) abstraction implicit the past fewer years. Most of the company's acquisitions person focused connected institutions that tin further assistance heighten its marque arsenic a commercialized and fiscal services leader.

FTX, arsenic a 32-billion users crypto exchange, is successful discussions to bargain its rival Bithumb exchange. The woody is reportedly successful an precocious stage, though fiscal presumption are inactive undisclosed.

In 2020, FTX acquired the trading level Blockfolio, gaining much clients. Last October, FTX. U.S. acquired LedgerX Futures Exchange, which has aggregate licenses from U.S. regulators.

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