Coal-dependent Queensland will build Australia’s largest state-owned wind farm

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Queensland, which has the highest dependence on ember of immoderate Australian state, has announced that it volition walk AU $776 cardinal (US $500 million) to physique Australia’s largest publically owned upwind farm.

The Tarong West upwind workplace volition beryllium sited successful Ironpot, 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) southwest of Kingaroy, successful the South Burnett Region. It’s wrong the Southern Queensland Renewable Energy Zone, which is 1 of 3 regions designated by the authorities to accelerate renewables projects.

The 500-megawatt task volition diagnostic up to 150 upwind turbines and could make capable cleanable energy to powerfulness up to 230,000 homes.

The Queensland authorities has a $2 cardinal Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund, which volition wage for the project. The state-owned Stanwell Corporation volition physique and negociate Tarong West. The authorities wants approvals completed by 2024, and aims for the upwind workplace to beryllium operational by 2026.

As the Sydney Morning Herald points out successful a 2018 article, Stanwell Corporation was ranked No. 3 successful the state for worst c emissions successful Australia:

Stanwell Corp runs the Stanwell and Tarong coal-fired powerfulness station, accounting for astir fractional of each of Queensland’s coal-fired generating capacity.

The Queensland government’s State of the Environment Report 2020 states:

In 2018, Queensland contributed much GHG emissions than immoderate different Australian authorities and territory, liable for 32% of the nation’s full of 537.4 [metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent]. On a per capita basis, Queensland is the 3rd highest emitting jurisdiction (34.3 tonnes of c dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) per person) down the Northern Territory (64.7 tCO2e per person) and Western Australia (35.2 tCO2e per person) and supra the nationalist mean (21.5 tCO2e per person).

Queensland, which is Australia’s second-largest and third-most populous state, has a colonisation of 5.2 million. The authorities has a 50% clean vigor people by 2030 and a 30% emissions simplification beneath 2005 levels people by 2030. The second people is the weakest emissions simplification people of immoderate Australian state.

The Queensland government website states:

Queensland has already achieved 20% of our renewable vigor people by 2020.

We are astir two-thirds to reaching our 2030 emissions simplification people having reduced emissions by 19% since 2005 based connected the latest 2020 data.

Jason Lyddieth, a Brisbane-based cleanable vigor and clime campaigner astatine the Australian Conservation Foundation, told the Guardian:

Queensland is Australia’s highest emitting authorities and 1 of the biggest jurisdictions for per-capita emissions anywhere. Only Alberta successful Canada and Qatar are worse.

The authorities is besides going hellhole for leather with caller mines and state fields. The authorities needs to get superior and person a program to get disconnected fossil fuels.

Having a 2030 people of conscionable 30% erstwhile the national government has a 43% target is wholly untenable.

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Photo: Leonard Low, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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