Civilians found destroyed Russian artillery-locating radar

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Civilians person recovered a destroyed Russian counter-artillery detection radar adjacent the bluish Ukrainian metropolis of Chernihiv.

Footage from the Promyslovyy Portal shows a burned-out Russian 1L260 Zoopark-1M counter-artillery detection radar strategy which was recovered connected a tract roadworthy adjacent Chernihiv.

The 1L260 Zoopark-1M is Russian mobile artillery locating radar strategy designed to observe artillery rocket positions adjacent successful dense physics countermeasures (ECM) environments. Besides, the 1L260 tin observe mortar and howitzer gunfire sources arsenic good arsenic tactical ballistic missiles motorboat pads.


The 1L260 radar strategy tin observe a 155mm artillery ammunition astatine a scope of 23 kilometers oregon 27 kilometers for 203mm shells. It tin observe artillery rockets astatine ranges betwixt 32 and 45 kilometers. An ATACMS-sized tactical ballistic rocket tin beryllium detected astatine a scope of 65 kilometers.

Знайдено у Чернігівській області, схоже на знищений російський радіолокаційний комплекс розвідки і контролю стрільби 1Л260 Зоопарк-1М.

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The 1L260 tin beryllium acceptable for deployment oregon evacuation successful 5 minutes portion operating for implicit 8 hours tracking up to 12 targets simultaneously. Azimuth, it covers a assemblage of 2.5 to 90-degree.

Photo of 1L261 radar strategy (just illustrative).

About a period earlier, specified a radar strategy was captured by Ukrainian Soldiers.