Citizenship By Investment FAQs

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By  | April 22, 2022

There are immoderate of the astir often asked questions astir the citizenship by investment (CBI) scheme. These answers whitethorn assistance you larn more, but support successful caput that the requirements whitethorn alteration successful antithetic countries, truthful ever cheque earlier you commencement the process. 

What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Citizen by investment, oregon CBI, refers to acquiring citizenship and a passport successful different state by investing a important magnitude of money, legally, with support from the Government. Direct citizenship by concern doesn’t person immoderate residency requirements, whereas indirect citizenship by concern is acquired done residency and aboriginal naturalization.

What Is A Second Passport?

A 2nd passport is your alternate passport that is issued by a 2nd country. It works similar backup security that guarantees your information and the quality to fly to different state successful times of unrest similar wars, governmental crises, oregon earthy disasters. It gives you much question freedom, taking vantage of visa waiver agreements betwixt countries. For example, if you person a passport from St Kitts and Nevis, you tin question to Canada, the UK, and Europe without a visa. Grenada citizenship by concern program is fashionable for this reason. 

What Is Naturalization?

Naturalization means that you are a nonmigratory successful a 2nd state for a definite fig of years to go a citizen. 

What Are The Qualifying Requirements For CBI?

To qualify, you must:

Have nary transgression record Pass owed diligence tests Have a dependable fiscal grounds and surplus funds to enactment living Have a cleanable aesculapian record What Is Dual Nationality oregon Double Citizenship?

A idiosyncratic holding citizenship and a passport issued by much than 1 state person dual nationality. For example, the USA, the UK, and Switzerland spot nary restrictions connected holding nationalities. Some countries, including Saudi Arabia and Singapore, bash not let you to clasp much than 1 nationality. 

How Do I Apply For A Second Citizenship?

The process of applying for a 2nd citizenship oregon passport is usually done done an Authorized Government Agency. An assigned Citizenship Consultant volition explicate the exertion process to you successful detail, which could alteration from programme to program. 

How Much Does Citizenship By Investment Cost?

The exertion costs of a citizenship by concern programme beryllium connected the programme you take and the fig of household members that you are applying with. The outgo volition besides beryllium connected whether you take to get citizenship done the Government Fund enactment oregon the Real Estate Investment enactment oregon immoderate different option.

Does Citizenship Extend To My Spouse And Children?

Yes, citizenship is extended to your spouse, immoderate babelike children, and babelike parents. Fees for these household members bash alteration from state to country. In astir cases, you volition beryllium capable to see your children arsenic dependents up to the property of 30, and parents implicit the property of 55. This tin alteration slightly, arsenic each state has antithetic property requirements successful accordance with their ain legislation. Make definite you cheque earlier you commencement your application.