Christine Quinn's Stylist Breaks Down the Agent's Hottest Looks on Selling Sunset

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RHOBH Drama, The Ultimatum & Selling Sunset's Romance

The streets are talking—and it's not each astir the existent property deals.
As millions of viewers proceed binge-watching play 5 of Selling Sunset, galore can't hold to spot what Christine Quinn volition deterioration adjacent arsenic she handles unfastened houses, bureau meetings and her just stock of girl drama.
According to her stylist Kat Gosik, Christine is ace hands-on erstwhile it comes to what she wears connected the Netflix series. 
"Christine would ne'er deterioration thing she doesn't perfectly love," Kat exclusively told E! News. "We brainstorm ideas and outfits each time by perpetually messaging each different designers oregon looks. Usually, erstwhile I americium successful talks to enactment with a marque oregon designer, I'll nonstop Christine my selects from a lookbook and she'll archer maine her favorites."
The Oppenheim Group existent property cause ever adds her ain flair to immoderate ensemble with amusive accessories specified arsenic gloves, jewelry and sunglasses. And for play 5 specifically, Kat said Christine went "more campy and literal." 

"She is shooting a TV show, and the main extremity of tv is to entertain," Kat shared. "There should beryllium nary deficiency of amusement successful the outfits. The champion portion astir moving with Christine is that she's not acrophobic to instrumentality a hazard and beryllium retired there. She ever understands the duty and realizes that manner is meant to beryllium fun."
While you watercourse a caller play of Selling Sunset on Netflix, support speechmaking to larn much behind-the-scenes details astir immoderate of Christine's champion looks.

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Fashion Moment

"This was our Carrie Bradshaw moment," Christine Quinn's stylist Kat Gosik told E! News erstwhile looking backmost connected Selling Sunset's play 5 fashion. "I deliberation I americium subconsciously ever inspired by the wardrobe from Sex and the City, 1 of my favourite shows. I emotion that we got to transmission it this season." Keep speechmaking for much of Kat's benignant secrets. 


Back successful Business

"This was 1 of my favourite looks from the full season. It was her 'back-to-office' look. I don't cognize which I emotion more: the YSL necktie oregon the LED Louis Vuitton light-up bag."


Seal the Deal

"This is Christian Srirano. We emotion him! In play four, we did a snakeskin look that was conscionable a small harvest and skirt. This season, we took it a measurement further with the structured blazer."


Red Hot

"This reddish look was a batch of amusive and ace other with the Louis Vuitton lunchbox bag, the gloves and reddish pumps. I emotion the reddish overgarment that is caped implicit her shoulders. It was besides a past infinitesimal adhd connected due to the fact that it was a spot chilly successful LA that day!"


Spill the Tea

"Christine told maine they had a beverage enactment coming up truthful we wanted to beryllium precise literal. Its over-the-top and precise camp. If you notice, erstwhile Christine walks into the scene, she's wearing a bluish chapeau and past it changes to pink. I gave her some options and I deliberation she switched her caput mid-shooting."


Dress to Impress

"Christine picked this retired from dress designers she works with often—Walter and Ryan. The heels are Jimmy Choo, who we besides worked with a batch successful play 4 and five."


All About the Accessories

"The French fry container present is everything. In play four, we did a seat purse that has zero practicality but was encrusted with diamonds. We thought we would person amusive present with this fry purse, which is astir apt large capable to clasp 1 lipstick."


Layer of Protection

"This look was precise past infinitesimal due to the fact that it ended up being frreeezzing that day! We had a cute beachy formal planned, but had to prime up this overgarment greeting of truthful Christine wasn't shivering done the full scene."


Time to Confess

"This look was really each Christine! I pulled a Mugler bodysuit for the archetypal confessional look. Sometimes filming is so accelerated paced, and Christine didn't get a accidental to effort connected the bodysuit until time of and it was excessively abbreviated connected her torso! Christine has the assemblage of a supermodel. She is 5'10," truthful portion astir samples acceptable her similar a glove, sometimes we person problems with shorter bodysuits. Christine ended up pulling unneurotic this Westly Johns formal she had successful her closet! I emotion it and it was really akin to the bodysuit look we had planned with the cutouts."


Telling All

"This brand, AREA, is simply a favourite of Christine's and mine. I deliberation the necklace is truly absorbing with the pearls mixed with diamonds. The operation of the necklace is besides truly archetypal and unique. We emotion mostly thing AREA puts out, and these pieces are nary exception."


Less Is More

"This corset is different AREA piece! I emotion that it is matched with this vintage snake necklace. The azygous Gucci mitt gives it the cleanable magnitude of Christine flair."

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