Chris Sutton's Perfect XI: "Shearer and I weren’t best friends, but we didn’t dislike each other"

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Chris Sutton
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Chris Sutton racked up 5 league titles either broadside of Hadrian's Wall, bagging a Premier League winners' medal with Blackburn successful 1994/95 earlier claiming 4 much with Celtic. He besides enjoyed spells astatine boyhood nine Norwich City and Chelsea, among others. 

The erstwhile England planetary has since gone connected to go 1 of the astir recognisable pundits successful the game. FourFourTwo sat down with him to inquire what a squad of his champion ever team-mates would look like. 

Chris Sutton Perfect XI

(Image credit: Future)Chris Sutton's Perfect XI – Goalkeeper: Tim Flowers

“A phenomenal shot-stopper and 1 of the main reasons wherefore Blackburn won the league successful 1994/95. Tim was a ferocious trainer who looked aft himself and deserved everything helium got passim his career. He was truthful agile – making bonzer saves – and superbly consistent, too. He hardly made a mistake.”

Centre-back: Johan Mjallby

“Johan was a large defender astatine Celtic – precise dependable and a bully decision-maker. He wasn’t rash successful his thought processes, but beardown and composed connected the ball. Always wholly reliable arsenic a centre-back.”

Centre-back: Marcel Desailly

“The rock. Marcel was a superb jock and truthful almighty successful the air. He won the World Cup, European Championship and 2 Champions Leagues, and you could spot it successful his beingness astatine Chelsea. He could play arsenic well, truthful I’ve got to see him successful this team.”

Centre-back: Joos Valgaren

“I roomed with Joos astatine Celtic until helium asked to alteration – I wore him down! I utilized to aftermath up connected the greeting of a crippled and say, ‘I’ve got a atrocious feeling astir this one’. He’d shout, ‘Shut up, Sutton’. He’s never called me Chris to this day! Quick, strong in the tackle, and he could play.”

Right-wing Ruel Fox

“One of the big reasons why I really had a career at Norwich. I had a good relationship with Ruel on and off the pitch – we went clubbing together! A clever footballer who could beat opponents for fun, but he also taught me plenty
about movement.”

Centre-midfield: Ian Crook

“If you looked at him, you wouldn’t think he was a player because he smoked 40 cigarettes a day and couldn’t run, tackle oregon caput the ball. However, helium was 1 of the champion technicians I ever played with. Ian had a pinpoint walk connected him, and we had a free-kick regular astatine Norwich wherever I’d people and past instrumentality the credit!”

Centre-midfield: Tim Sherwood

“I utilized to cleanable Tim’s boots astatine Norwich. He was inactive a young pro determination and I had a batch of respect for him – everyone looked up to him. An underrated and intelligent footballer who could spot the crippled precise well.”

Centre-midfield: Stiliyan Petrov

“He was rather a chubby small right-back erstwhile I archetypal went to Celtic, but soon developed into a fantastic attacking midfielder. Stan played arsenic much of a sitter astatine Aston Villa, but could bash that with his eyes closed. He would weaponry connected and we felt similar we could instrumentality connected anybody.”

Left-wing: Lubo Moravcik

“I’d had a atrocious twelvemonth astatine Chelsea earlier joining Celtic successful 2000, past saw this feline successful training. He was truthful bully for idiosyncratic successful his mid-30s. Left ft oregon close foot, Lubo had a large changeable and value of walk – I had nary thought which broadside was strongest. Some of the goals helium scored for Celtic were incredible. He was a maverick, but a tremendous player.”

“The champion all-round footballer I ever played with. Henrik [left] could simply bash everything  a ruthless goalscorer, outstanding successful the air, unselfish, people diversion and capable to play anywhere. One of my favourite periods successful shot was playing alongside him astatine Celtic.”

Centre-forward: Alan Shearer

“In that season Blackburn won the Premier League, I can’t actually remember Alan missing. His hold-up and link play were very good, and he had pace back then as well. We weren’t best friends, but we didn’t dislike each other, either.”

Manager: Martin O'Neill

“I embraced being a subordinate astatine Celtic and truly enjoyed my vocation from then. A batch of that was down to Martin – we had a beardown team, and I would person tally done a ceramic partition for him.”


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