Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Dream Co-Star

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Would Chris Hemsworth Team Up With Tom Cruise?

Chris Hemsworth's imagination co-star is nary different than his chap summertime blockbuster bro.

After precocious sharing his emotion for Top Gun: Maverick connected Instagram, the Thor: Love and Thunder prima exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop that getting to enactment connected a task with Tom Cruise would beryllium "a dream."

"He's 1 of my favourite actors," helium said connected the Thor red carpet. "As a young kid watching him, and adjacent close now, displaying what a movie prima is successful each its glory is beauteous impressive, and to enactment with him would beryllium an honor."

While fans volition person to hold to spot the enactment stars onscreen together, it won't beryllium agelong until they see Hemsworth reunite with erstwhile co-star Natalie Portman arsenic Jane Foster successful Love and Thunder, which premieres July 8. Last seen successful 2013's Thor: The Dark World, Jane is getting the superhero attraction this clip around.

"She looked beauteous good, I gotta say," Hemsworth said of Portman's Thor transformation. "You walked connected acceptable and immediately, my benignant of assurance fell apart. She looked incredible."

As for who looked amended with Thor's blonde locks and reddish cape? According to Hemsworth, "She wore it best, successful my opinion."

Thor has travel a agelong mode since his big-screen debut successful 2011, going from God Bod to Dad Bod and backmost again for his 4th solo outing. And arsenic the upcoming film's trailers person teased, fans volition get to spot much of the God of Thunder than ever before.

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"I retrieve successful the archetypal Thor film, I had my garment off," Chris said. "And past I thought, ‘You cognize what? In 10, 11 years from now, I'm gonna instrumentality it each disconnected and that's gonna beryllium the pinnacle of my career, oregon the extremity of it.'"

Christian Bale besides went done rather the carnal translation to play the villainous Gorr the God Butcher, a relation successful which helium said helium sometimes took "way excessively far." As Bale told Daily Pop, "Taika [Waititi] had to chopped immoderate of those things. It's a household movie, aft all."

"We didn't privation to person radical moving for the exits," helium added. "But, fantastic vibe connected the acceptable and I was precise grateful to beryllium capable to play formal up successful that mode and beryllium arsenic creepy arsenic I got to be."

Co-star Tessa Thompson—who returns astatine the warrior Valkyrie (now King Valkyrie)—also enjoyed playing astir connected set, revealing that a country of her licking a sword was wholly improvised.

"I thought it was fun," she told Daily Pop earlier assuring it was each done safely. "I cognize successful the clip of COVID, licking surfaces is not a large idea, but I did person it connected my idiosyncratic for each the acrophobic people."

Check retired the afloat interrogation above.

Thor: Love and Thunder premieres successful theaters July 8.

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