China’s Navy Commissions Two New Type 055 Destroyers After Class Demonstrates Hypersonic Strike Capability

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The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has commissioned 2 much Type 055 Class destroyers into service, bringing the fleet size up to 5 with 3 much having been launched but not yet made operational. With nary ceremonial announcement of their commissioning having been made, the warships Anshan and Wuxi lone had their progressive presumption confirmed aft they took portion successful nighttime firing and hunt and rescue exercises wherever they were filmed alongside their sister vessel the Lhasa. The confirmation of commissioning comes conscionable 2 days aft the PLA Navy released footage of a trial motorboat of a hypersonic anti vessel ballistic missile integrated onto a Type 055 destroyer - reportedly designated YJ-21 - providing a benignant of onslaught plus dissimilar immoderate different fielded successful the world. It besides comes astatine a clip of precocious planetary tensions, with Western powers criticising China alongside India and respective others for not supporting the Western presumption successful the Russia-Ukraine War and threatening neutral countries with consequences for refusing to spell against Russia. The commissioning besides follows a sojourn by American lawmakers to the Taiwanese superior Taipei, which was mostly interpreted arsenic a measurement towards further placing unit connected Beijing. 

The Type 055 is wide considered the most susceptible destroyer class successful the world, with each carrying larger armaments than immoderate of their Western rivals and, with the objection of the 3 American Zumwalt Class ships, having superior stealth capabilities. In January it was reported that China could resume accumulation after a little pause, with the past vessel of the people having been launched successful August 2020. Progress connected the programme comes arsenic the PLA Navy has moved towards launching its first supercarrier - the world’s archetypal extracurricular the United States - which is expected to hap successful June. The yet unnamed warships volition integrate electromagnetic catapult systems, and beryllium a adjacent level rival to the U.S. Navy’s Gerald Ford Class ships. The Type 055 is expected to service arsenic an escort successful aboriginal bearer groups, alongside lighter Type 052D Class destroyers, and integrates 4 classes of aboveground to aerial rocket providing an precocious defence capability. The Type 055’s potency is thought to person spurred the U.S. Navy to put successful processing a successor to its ain Arleigh Burke Class destroyer, which owed to the nonaccomplishment of the Zumwalt Class destroyer programme is inactive by acold the astir susceptible successful the Western world. The plan of the successor has been wide speculated to have copied important plan aspects from the Chinese Type 055, with striking similarities betwixt them.