Chelsea in shirt tribute to Gianluca Vialli ahead of FA Cup clash vs Manchester City

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Chelsea players wearing the fig   9 garment  successful  the warm-up up  of their FA Cup clash against Manchester City successful  a tribute to their erstwhile  subordinate    and manager   Gianluca Vialli pursuing  his caller    death.
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Chelsea's players paid tribue to the club's fashionable erstwhile striker and manager Gianluca Vialli up of their FA Cup third-round clash against Manchester City.

Vialli, a large occurrence arsenic a subordinate and a manager astatine Stamford Bridge successful the 1990s, sadly passed distant connected Friday pursuing a lengthy conflict with cancer.

And up of their fixture astatine the Etihad connected Sunday, Chelsea's players each wore his fig 9 garment successful the pre-match warm-up.

A minute's applause was besides observed by players and fans, with Vialli's representation appearing connected the large surface earlier kick-off.

Following the quality of his decease astatine the property of conscionable 58, Chelsea paid tribute to their erstwhile subordinate and manager.

"As soon arsenic helium walked done the doorway astatine Stamford Bridge erstwhile already a planetary shot star, Luca declared his privation to go a Chelsea legend," the nine said connected its website. "It is simply a people helium undoubtedly reached, revered for his enactment connected the transportation and successful the dugout during immoderate of the astir palmy years successful our history."

"Loved by fans, players and unit astatine Stamford Bridge, Luca volition beryllium sorely missed not conscionable by the Chelsea community, but the full footballing world, including successful his autochthonal Italy, wherever helium was specified an iconic figure."

Vialli scored 40 goals successful 88 appearances for Chelsea, winning 3 trophies arsenic a subordinate and 5 much arsenic manager aft his retirement.

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