CBS News team and Ukrainian troops duck for cover from Russian artillery

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On the frontlines of warfare successful Ukraine

On the frontlines of warfare successful Ukraine 02:59

Near Kherson, Ukraine — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his state would combat until it recovers each of its territory from Russia's invading forces. On Tuesday, CBS News analogous Imtiaz Tyab and his squad got an highly close-up look astatine what Ukraine's troops are up against arsenic they claw backmost crushed from the Russians.

They were with Ukrainian forces heavy successful the countryside adjacent the provincial superior of Kherson, a confederate metropolis that Russian troops person seized, on with overmuch of the surrounding region.

Tyab and his squad were successful a tiny colony — conscionable a fistful of farmhouses and fields — but 1 that Russia has been targeting relentlessly with shelling.

Major Serhii told CBS News that helium and his soldiers had been defending the country for weeks. Recently, however, they've changed tactics: Now they're connected the offensive, targeting Russian forces who present clasp positions astir 2 miles away. And they aren't backing down.
As the CBS News squad moved astir the village, the ace of incoming Russian shells sent them and the Ukrainian forces rushing to find structure successful a disused farmhouse. The artillery kept coming, landing person and closer, truthful the full squad ducked nether trees for screen arsenic the strikes intensified.

tyab-cbs-ukraine-shelling.jpg CBS News analogous Imtiaz Tyab takes screen nether a histrion successful a colony adjacent Kherson, Ukraine, with his squad and Ukrainian forces arsenic Russian shells onshore nearby, successful precocious May, 2022. CBS News

The Russian forces that were shelling from a region had been successful power of the colony until astir six weeks earlier, and Tyab said they were intelligibly bent connected retaking it.

Serhii, the Ukrainian major, told CBS News that Russia's subject was intelligibly trying to prehend power of each the crushed astir Kherson, but helium and his forces were bringing the combat to their foes, "every time, each time — trying to sprout them, attack, utilizing tanks, artillery, Javelins, that benignant of worldly against them."

He said the Russian forces were "trying to regroup, you know, and trying to supply immoderate violative operation" they can, but "they are conscionable struggling, due to the fact that we hold them everywhere." 

CBS News connected patrol with Ukraine's subject successful villages connected frontline of warfare with Russia 02:56

When a Russian drone was spotted circling above, the Ukrainian fighters with Tyab and his squad knew it was clip to move, truthful they each sprinted for a gathering successful the colony with a cellar the troops person utilized arsenic a structure for weeks.

As they hunkered down, the incoming shelling from the Russian broadside continued above, with rounds landing conscionable 50 yards away.

Among those riding retired the latest question of artillery was Oksana Kozyrenko, caput of the section civil-military practice group.

"By immoderate measure, this is not normal," she told Tyab. "The Russians are giving america a hard time, but we tin archer they're getting weaker."

cbs-ukraine-kherson-village.jpg Oksana Kozyrenko, a Ukrainian worker and caput of a section civil-military practice radical adjacent the Russian-occupied confederate metropolis of Kherson, speaks to CBS News successful a structure during Russian shelling of a colony adjacent Kherson, successful precocious May, 2022. CBS News

Asked wherefore she and her comrades were truthful determined to support the tiny, nondescript colony from falling backmost into Russian hands, Kozyrenko didn't hesitate:

"It's our land. We person these people, these houses, these villages. They're important for america due to the fact that it's ours. We don't request thing else," she said. "We are going aft others [occupied villages]. We don't privation to springiness up our land. That's wherefore we basal present and we'll support it until each past Russian volition beryllium kicked retired of this country."

U.S. trains Ukrainians connected howitzer artillery 02:02

After respective much strikes, the Tyab and his squad got the bid to marque a tally for it portion the Ukrainian forces utilized howitzers provided by the U.S. to suppress the incoming Russian fire.

They dashed for their cars done fields of wheat, and soon they were speeding distant from the colony connected the beforehand enactment of Ukrainians' conflict to reclaim their ungraded — each of it — from Russia. 

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