CBS News poll: What's next after Roe v. Wade?

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The astir two-thirds of Americans who privation Roe v. Wade kept successful spot accidental they consciousness aggravated and discouraged astir the imaginable that it whitethorn beryllium overturned, describing that arsenic "a information to women" and arsenic a menace to rights much generally. Most Americans, and peculiarly younger women, deliberation it would besides pb to restrictions connected commencement power and household readying choices. Going forward, astir would similar to spot a national instrumentality passed that protects termination and successful their ain states, two-thirds privation it to beryllium legal, astatine slightest successful astir cases.

For the one-third who bash privation Roe overturned, they'd picture it arsenic "a extortion for the unborn" and telephone it a triumph for the anti-abortion rights movement  Most of them would similar to spot a nationalist prohibition connected abortions now. The number who present privation abortions amerciable successful their states besides deliberation those providing immoderate amerciable abortions and the women who person them should beryllium taxable to transgression punishment oregon penalties.

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A bulk would besides similar Congress to walk a national instrumentality making termination ineligible nationwide.


That's particularly existent among those who privation Roe kept successful place, who overwhelmingly privation a national law.


In fact, successful absorption to the quality of Roe's imaginable overturning, the percent who accidental termination should beryllium mostly disposable has present accrued a bit, to its highest level.

People who enactment keeping Roe study feeling scared, discouraged and aggravated upon proceeding it could beryllium overturned.

21.png View of those who enactment overturning Roe

Taking a look astatine the one-third of Americans who bash privation to spot Roe overturned, they would picture that enactment arsenic protecting the unborn. In opposition to those who spot overturning it arsenic a information to women, astir of these Americans alternatively picture it arsenic a extortion for women.


A nationalist prohibition connected termination does not find bulk favor. This thought does not find bulk enactment from Republicans either, adjacent though astir Republicans bash deliberation the Supreme Court should overturn Roe v. Wade.


Of those Americans who bash privation Roe overturned, careless of party, a bulk of them would spell further and present favour a nationalist prohibition connected abortions. However, they bash not arsenic powerfully favour a nationalist prohibition arsenic those who privation Roe kept are supportive of the nationalist legalization of abortion.


Those who privation Roe v. Wade overturned consciousness hopeful and blessed astatine the imaginable that Roe whitethorn beryllium overturned.


The quality of the draught sentiment indicating the Supreme Court would overturn Roe has caught galore connected some sides of the contented by surprise. 

Back to the states: What should hap successful your state? 

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, the substance volition beryllium near up to the states. So, going forward, people's preferences for their states echo their larger views connected abortion: ample majorities privation it to beryllium legal, adjacent if legalization comes with immoderate restrictions, and precise fewer privation it wholly outlawed.


People who privation termination ineligible accidental it's due to the fact that "women should person the close to choose," it would "protect victims of rape oregon incest," it keeps "abortions harmless and performed by doctors" and it protects women with high-risk pregnancies.


Those who privation termination amerciable successful their authorities overwhelmingly accidental it's "to support the beingness of the unborn." Most besides accidental termination is not a right, that abortions are excessively casual to get and that termination is against their spiritual beliefs.


And past what ought to hap if amerciable abortions bash instrumentality spot successful their state? On that, termination opponents — those who accidental they privation it to beryllium amerciable successful each oregon astir cases successful their authorities — amusement majorities consenting to spot transgression penalties against women and termination providers. By contrast, enactment for these ideas does not emergence to much than fractional among Americans overall.

16.png Impact connected women 

Americans spot perchance disparate impacts by income and race. By much than 2 to one, Americans accidental beingness for women volition get worse should Roe v. Wade beryllium overturned, and that entree to termination services volition beryllium a peculiar situation for mediocre women and women of color.


More than fractional of women deliberation women's lives volition go worse if Roe is overturned. Women who privation Roe upheld (which is simply a bulk of them) are peculiarly apt to deliberation beingness for women volition go worse — astir 8 successful 10 deliberation so.


Most women person agelong supported termination being ineligible and person favored upholding Roe. And a bulk privation termination ineligible successful each oregon astir cases successful their state, should the ruling beryllium overturned. These views span each property groups.

Political partisanship and ideology person agelong divided views connected termination and Roe. Conservative women and Republican women basal isolated from women wide successful wanting the ruling overturned and successful preferring termination beryllium amerciable successful their state.


Women who privation Roe v. Wade overturned bash not foresee a antagonistic interaction connected women's lives, should that happen. 

Views connected termination implicit time

Perhaps arsenic a effect of believing it mightiness change, this latest canvass shows an uptick successful nationalist enactment for making termination mostly disposable to those who privation it — from 46% successful November to 50% contiguous — marking the highest percent who accidental truthful since CBS began asking the question successful 1989.


Historically, majorities crossed the governmental spectrum person either favored making termination mostly disposable oregon making it disposable but nether stricter limits. The proportionality of Americans that much mostly doesn't privation termination to beryllium permitted has ever been considerably smaller than either of these 2 groups.

How Americans presumption termination has much to bash with ideology than gender, with Democrats overwhelmingly saying they favour termination being mostly available. Republicans are acold little apt to agree, though adjacent among Republicans, much would similar termination to beryllium disposable with stricter limits, alternatively than person it not beryllium permitted astatine all.


This CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted with a nationally typical illustration of 2,088 U.S. big residents interviewed betwixt May  4-6, 2022. The illustration was weighted according to gender, age, race, and acquisition based connected the U.S. Census American Community Survey and Current Population Survey, arsenic good arsenic to 2020 statesmanlike vote. The borderline of mistake is ± 2.7 points.