Can You Be Pregnant and Not Know It?

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You’ve astir apt heard a communicative astir it astatine slightest once: a pistillate who didn’t cognize they were pregnant until they went into labor. Your archetypal thought? How is it imaginable to not cognize you’re carrying a baby?

It’s not retired of the question, says Michael Cackovic, MD, an OB/GYN astatine The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. “There are women who don’t person regular sex, don’t person regular periods, and don’t regularly spot a doctor,” helium says. Under those circumstances, it’s imaginable you could not recognize you’re pregnant.

Other women person mental health problems that support them from recognizing oregon accepting that they’re going to person a baby.

A fewer studies person estimated that 1 successful 400 oregon 500 women are 20 weeks, oregon astir 5 months, into their gestation earlier they recognize they are pregnant. 

One successful 2,500 women marque it each the mode to labor earlier they recognize they’re going to person a baby. That’s astir 3 times much communal than a woman’s accidental of having triplets.

How It Happens

A fig of things could support a pistillate from noticing the changes successful their body:

Fear oregon stress. The thought of becoming a parent is truthful stressful for immoderate women that they spell into heavy denial -- truthful heavy that they don’t cognize they’re pregnant. “Denial is simply a precise almighty defence mechanism, making it imaginable to speech yourself retired of each grounds you whitethorn have. The question successful your abdomen is ‘just gas,’ for instance,” Cackovic says.

For example, a teen whitethorn contradict oregon disregard a gestation due to the fact that they don’t privation their parents to cognize they person had sex. A joined pistillate whitethorn bash the aforesaid due to the fact that they got large by idiosyncratic different than their partner. Some women whitethorn person a denied gestation due to the fact that of a intelligence wellness problem, similar bipolar disorder oregon schizophrenia.

No symptoms. For immoderate women, the carnal tip-offs of pregnancy, similar weight gain, morning sickness, heartburn, oregon fatigue, don’t happen. Or they’re truthful mild that a pistillate conscionable doesn’t announcement them. Depending connected their assemblage type, “it’s tenable for a pistillate to marque it to 30 weeks without looking pregnant,” Cackovic says.

Weight changes. If a pistillate is overweight oregon their size often goes up and down, they mightiness not announcement the other babe weight. If they’re obese, Cackovic says, they whitethorn not “have the carnal feelings of being pregnant” that non-obese women feel.

Period problems. A pistillate tin person irregular periods due to the fact that of stress, immoderate medications (like birth power pills oregon drugs for epilepsy), obesity, oregon wellness problems similar polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), uncontrolled diabetes, oregon an eating disorder. So erstwhile their play is simply a no-show, their archetypal thought whitethorn not beryllium pregnancy.

They can’t consciousness the babe move. Usually a mom-to-be volition commencement to consciousness their babe kicking oregon rolling betwixt 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. But if the placenta happens to beryllium successful the beforehand of their uterus, they whitethorn not consciousness those movements, Cackovic says.

Research suggests a well-adjusted pistillate tin person a denied gestation and inactive spell connected to beryllium a bully mother, particularly if they’re able to travel to grips with the information that they’re going to person a baby, Cackovic says. For example, immoderate women recognize and judge it erstwhile they spot an ultrasound representation of their child. But doctors usually urge a intelligence wellness valuation to fig retired what caused them to contradict their pregnancy. It’s besides an important measurement to forestall child abuse and neglect, which are much communal aft denied pregnancies than mean ones.

Why It Matters

Women tin and bash present steadfast babies aft a denied pregnancy, Cackovic says. But determination are risks to not knowing you’re pregnant:

You could miss retired connected the prenatal attraction that tin guarantee that you and your babe are healthy, similar carnal exams, humor tests, and ultrasound scans.You won’t cognize your oregon your baby’s hazard for complications, similar anemia, a benignant of high humor pressure called preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, oregon birth defects.You won’t cognize it’s clip to marque steadfast changes that assistance your babe turn and thrive, similar getting bully nutrition, avoiding alcohol, and stopping definite medications.Know the Early Signs

It’s hard to foretell who could person a denied pregnancy. But if you deliberation you mightiness miss immoderate of the classical signs, similar value summation oregon a missing period, you tin ticker retired for different aboriginal signals, specified as:

Tender, swollen breastsPeeing much oftenFeeling precise tiredNausea, sometimes with vomitingCan’t basal definite foods oregon smells