C3STROM Astro combines e-bike design with motorcycle styling for a fast, new electric moped

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Electric bicycles that blur the enactment with electrical motorcycles and mopeds are an progressively fashionable class of the e-bike industry. The latest caller e-bike to instrumentality a full-throttle attack to this plan doctrine is the C3STROM Astro.

Available successful some the Astro and Astro Pro models, C3STROM is decidedly packing some high-power looks and the high-power show to match.

And that was by design, arsenic C3STROM CEO Harry Chan explained successful a connection provided to Electrek:

The Astro’s merchandise marks a caller level for the all-in-one electrical bike. The communicative present was conscionable america asking, ‘Why are riders expected to take betwixt looks, comfort, speed, and adaptability?’ They shouldn’t person to.

So far, it seems similar Chan’s connection rings true. The centrifugal whitethorn beryllium listed arsenic a street-legal 750W powerfulness works offering a apical velocity of 28 mph (45 km/h) to people the motorcycle a ineligible Class 3 designation, but it tin beryllium unlocked to execute 32 mph (52 km/h) successful off-road mode. The beforehand suspension fork should assistance with bumps to a degree, but the deficiency of rear suspension could marque immoderate decent-size potholes oregon obstacles rather a doozy astatine apical speed.

To travel down from specified precocious speeds, the motorcycle includes four-piston hydraulic disc brakes connected some the basal level and Pro models. Both bikes besides diagnostic wide tires to let connected and off-road riding possibilities.

Built into a motorcycle-inspired frame, the artillery is wrapped successful the framework tubes successful a mode we’ve rarely seen before.

E-bike batteries often play treble work arsenic motorcycle-inspired apical vessel plan notes, but to physique the framework wholly astir the battery, which itself is suspended from the apical tube, is an uncommon plan prime that further differentiates the C3STROM Astro from other moped-style electrical bikes.

That’s nary tiny capableness battery, either. If they’re going to physique a moto-inspired and presumably dense e-bike, they amended springiness it immoderate superior artillery capacity. The basal level exemplary volition transportation a 780 Wh battery, portion the Astro Pro volition travel outfitted with a 1,040 Wh battery. Both are built utilizing Samsung 21700-format lithium-ion artillery cells.

A smartphone app volition besides beryllium included to supply connectivity with the e-bike and let riders to presumption important riding information arsenic good arsenic marque changes to the bike’s show parameters.

The C3STROM Astro volition soon go disposable for a starting pre-order price of $1,699, meaning it should vie favorably successful the class – astatine slightest connected cost. Heavyweights successful the electrical moped manufacture similar Juiced Bikes and SUPER73 whitethorn not person excessively overmuch to fearfulness if the last terms jumps up successful the future, but the promotional pricing definite puts it successful the little extremity of the terms scope compared to today’s apical options.

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