Buzz Charter F review: This low-cost folding electric bike sticks the battery where the sun don’t shine

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The Buzz Charter F, which is the latest e-bike from the value-oriented electrical motorcycle marque Buzz, offers up a low-cost $999 folding exemplary with the artillery hidden successful the spot post.

It’s a artillery plan that we’re starting to spot much of, and for bully reason. It tin travel successful useful successful municipality settings wherever riders volition apt privation to instrumentality some the saddle and the artillery wrong with them portion the motorcycle remains locked outside.

Those are the 2 astir commonly stolen parts of an electrical bike, truthful combining them into 1 easy-to-grab constituent means riders tin caput thieves disconnected astatine the pass.

But there’s much than conscionable a clever artillery plan astatine enactment present connected the Charter F.

Take a gander astatine my video reappraisal beneath to spot what I mean, past support speechmaking afterward for the remainder of my in-depth review.

Buzz Charter F video review

Buzz Charter F tech specs

Motor: 250W rear geared hub motor
Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
Range: Up to 64 km (40 mi)
Battery: 36V 8Ah (288 Wh)
Weight: 15.8 kg (35 lb) with battery
Frame: Aluminum
Tires: 20 x 1.75-inch
Brakes: Mechanical rim brakes
Extras: 3 levels of pedal assist, LED dot display, artillery built into seat, locking spot station clamp, kickstand
Price: Currently $999

A lightweight folding e-bike

The Buzz Charter F’s specialty is being a lightweight, no-frills folding e-bike.

At conscionable 35 lb., it’s decidedly connected the lighter extremity of the scope of e-bikes I’ve tested. Folding bikes are often peculiarly dense owed to the other value of a fewer rugged folding mechanisms, but the Buzz Charter F manages to support an oculus connected its waistline to support its trim figure.

That makes it perfect for anyone that needs a lightweight folder to assistance into a car trunk oregon transportation onto a subway.

That being said, the airy bundle comes astatine a cost: power.

Modest power

The 250W rear hub centrifugal isn’t the peppiest centrifugal I’ve tried before. In fact, it’s connected the little extremity of the spectrum.

This is simply a pedal-assist electrical motorcycle – nary throttle included – truthful you’ll beryllium adding your ain assist. But don’t expect to laic down rubber erstwhile you propulsion distant from the halt motion connected the Buzz Charter F.

The bully happening though is it inactive gets you up to the maximum allowable velocity for Class 1 e-bikes of 20 mph (32 km/h). A batch of these tiny folding e-bikes apical retired astatine 15 mph (25 km/h), truthful the other velocity is simply a bully benefit, adjacent if it takes a fewer other seconds to scope the apical end.

The bully quality astir the debased powerfulness is that it helps the alternatively debased capableness 288 Wh artillery past longer. They accidental you tin get up to 40 miles (64 km) of scope retired of the e-bike, but that indispensable beryllium successful the lowest of the 3 powerfulness modes. If you’re riding faster, expect person to 25-30 miles with tenable pedaling.

The information that the artillery is hidden successful that spot station makes up for the tiny artillery though, since it is truthful convenient to popular successful and retired erstwhile you fastener the motorcycle up.

buzz charter F folding electrical  motorcycle  reviewbuzz charter F folding electrical  motorcycle  reviewbuzz charter F folding electrical  motorcycle  reviewbuzz charter F folding electrical  motorcycle  reviewA fewer compromises

To support the bike’s debased $999 terms tag, a fewer compromises had to beryllium made.

In summation to the smallish centrifugal and battery, there’s a elemental LED dot display. It shows you the artillery capacity, pedal assistance level, and that’s it. It’s bully capable for different e-bikes I’ve enjoyed, and truthful it’s bully capable here, too. But if you were hoping for an LCD surface with speedometer and different data, you’ll person to look elsewhere.

Next, the motorcycle uses rim brakes. They person plentifulness of stopping power, truthful that’s not a concern. But they tin beryllium a spot much finicky to set implicit clip arsenic the cablegram stretches. You’ll besides request to align the brake pads each clip you alteration them, which is simply a somewhat tricky task if you aren’t utilized to it. Any motorcycle store tin assistance you bash it successful a mates minutes though, if you don’t privation to get your hands soiled yourself erstwhile the clip comes to alteration brake pads.

There’s besides nary fender bundle oregon rear rack. Not lone are they not included, but determination aren’t adjacent options disposable arsenic add-on accessories. You’ll person to spell third-party if you privation to adhd those parts. I would emotion to spot the institution astatine slightest connection a compatible enactment that you tin acquisition straight alternatively of trying to find your ain third-party parts. When Lectric eBikes precocious unveiled the XP LITE and didn’t see fenders oregon a rear rack to trim the price, astatine slightest they offered them arsenic paid upgrades. So that would beryllium a bully happening to spot here.

Lastly, determination are nary lights connected the bike. That means if you privation to thrust astatine night, you’ll person to adhd your own. They bash springiness you a brace of rear reflectors, which is beauteous neat. But existent e-bike lights should beryllium modular equipment, successful my opinion.

So portion there’s a batch to similar here, determination are immoderate compromises that person been made arsenic well.

All told though, the motorcycle rides good and is ultra-convenient for metropolis riding. Just don’t get caught retired aft acheronian without buying a decent acceptable of motorcycle lights to add!

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