Buffalo supermarket survivor recalls escaping from shooting

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Survivor recalls escaping supermarket shooting

Survivor recalls escaping Buffalo supermarket shooting 02:47

Fragrance Harris Stanfield had conscionable cashed retired a lawsuit astatine registry six erstwhile gunshots rang out astatine Tops Friendly Markets successful Buffalo, New York, connected Saturday. 

Everyone froze, she said. 

"No 1 moved. And past we heard immoderate more. We saw the information defender backing up and responding to the menace truthful we knew that we were being hit. And we ran," Harris Stanfield told "CBS Evening News" anchor and managing exertion Norah O'Donnell. 

"At archetypal I didn't cognize wherever I was running," she said. "I got knocked to the broadside by a customer." 

When she got to the backmost of the store, she realized her daughter, who was besides moving there, was not with her. She tried yelling retired for her, but was told to halt arsenic the gunshots got closer. 

"I started yelling, 'Where's my baby? Has anyone seen my baby? Has anyone seen Nia? Do you cognize wherever she is? Did you spot her?' And past they're like, 'Quiet. Quiet.' You know, 'He's coming,' due to the fact that you could perceive the shots getting person truthful I had to calm down, had to regroup," she said. 

The gunman killed 10 people, including beloved information guard Aaron Salter, who fired backmost astatine the attacker. The bullets didn't pierce the shooter's armored vest and Salter was changeable and killed. 

"He was a precise bully person. He was precise bully astatine his job. Very good," Harris Stanfield said. "Anytime we'd inquire for help, oregon if we felt similar determination was immoderate benignant of threat, he'd travel and enactment and amusement his presence, which is what we request to consciousness harmless erstwhile we're astatine work." 

When asked however she felt astir her spot of enactment being targeted, Harris Stanfield said her predominantly Black assemblage is resilient. 

"I deliberation it's horrible. I don't similar to springiness my vigor to things that person these kinds of agendas. So I don't speech astir that portion arsenic overmuch arsenic I speech astir however we're going to support moving guardant from this," she said. "We don't admit anyone coming into our community. He doesn't adjacent unrecorded here. You know, coming into our assemblage reasoning that he's going to halt america from being resilient and he's conscionable not going to get to bash that. Not here."

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