Buffalo shooting victims include "hero" guard, deacon, grandmother

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The 10 victims of the wide shooting astatine a Buffalo, New York supermarket see a religion deacon, a beloved information defender and the parent of a retired occurrence commissioner.  The victims represented a cross-section of beingness successful the predominantly Black neighborhood.

They were gunned down by an 18-year-old achromatic antheral who authorities accidental showed up astatine the store with the "express purpose" of sidesplitting Black people. Governor Kathy Hochul called it an enactment of "white supremacy terrorism." Three different radical were wounded successful the attack.

All but 1 of the radical killed was implicit property 50, according to police.

Aaron Saltersalter.jpg Aaron Salter WIVB

Aaron Salter was a beloved assemblage subordinate and information defender who knew the shoppers of Tops Friendly Market by name. When they came nether onslaught from a gunman with a rifle, helium sprang into action.

Salter, a retired Buffalo constabulary officer, fired aggregate times astatine the attacker, who was wearing an armor-plated vest. The attacker was struck astatine slightest erstwhile but the slug didn't pierce his vest. Salter, 55, was changeable and killed.

"He's a existent hero, and we don't cognize what helium prevented. There could person been much victims if not for his actions. He's been retired for respective years. He's been a beloved subordinate and worker of Tops here, moving information and helium went down fighting," Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said Sunday. "We're definite helium saved lives yesterday."

Yvette Mack remembered Salter, the information guard, arsenic idiosyncratic who cared astir the community, looked aft the store and "let america cognize if we was close oregon wrong."

Mack would locomotion to the store to play lottery numbers and shop. She said she spoke to Salter soon earlier the shooting.

"I was playing my numbers. He said 'I spot you're playing your numbers!' I laughed. And helium was playing his numbers too. Can you ideate seeing someone, and you don't cognize he's not going to spell home?" she said.

Andre Mackneil

Andre Mackneil, 53, of Auburn, New York, was successful municipality visiting relatives and was picking up a astonishment day barroom for his grandson.

"He ne'er came retired with the cake," Clarissa Alston-McCutcheon said of her cousin. She said this benignant of astonishment was emblematic for him. He was "just a loving and caring guy. Loved family. Was ever determination for his family."

Ruth Whitfieldruth-whitfield.jpg Ruth Whitfield Family Photo

Ruth Whitfield was the 86-year-old parent of retired Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield. According to household lawyer Ben Crump, the "beloved wife, parent and grandma was the superior caretaker of her hubby and was coming backmost visiting him astatine a nursing location erstwhile she was killed successful the shooting."

"She didn't reply her phone. And the nursing location is conscionable blocks from the country here. Upon her not answering her phone, [I] conscionable walked the country present and was capable to ascertain that her conveyance was successful the batch present astatine the store," Garnell Whitfield told "CBS Mornings" connected Monday.

When asked however his household is processing this news, Garnell said, "It's precise difficult. This is conscionable surreal. We are successful a spot that we ne'er expected to be. My parent was the glue that held america together."

Pearl Youngyoung.jpg Pearl Young WIVB

Pearl Young, 77, was a subordinate of Good Samaritan Church of God successful Christ for implicit 50 years, WIVB-TV reports.

James Pennington described her arsenic idiosyncratic who enjoyed being blessed and enjoyed making different radical happy.

"She was conscionable a household person," Pennington said. "It was intolerable to person a atrocious time astir her.

"She was the best, man. She was similar genuinely the best," helium added. "So I would conscionable anticipation that radical observe her."

Roberta Drury Roberta Drury, who was among those who mislaid  their lives successful  the TOPS supermarket shooting, is seen successful  this undated household  photograph   Roberta Drury AMANDA DRURY via Reuters

Roberta Drury had precocious returned location to unrecorded with her mother, Dezzelynn McDuffie, who told The Buffalo News that the 32-year-old pistillate — the youngest of the radical slain — had walked to Tops to prime up immoderate groceries Saturday afternoon. Soon, McDuffie saw horrifying videos circulating connected societal media that appeared to amusement the gunman shooting her girl conscionable extracurricular the store.

She had precocious been helping her member retrieve from a bony marrow transplant, WIVB-TV reported.

Katherine MasseyBuffalo Supermarket Shooting Victims Katherine Massey Robert Kirkham / AP

Katherine Massey was 72. Her sister, Barbara Massey, called her "a beauteous soul."

Heyward Patterson

Heyward Patterson, 67, was a deacon astatine a adjacent church. He'd gone by the church's crockery room earlier heading to the supermarket, wherever helium offered an informal taxi work driving radical location with their bags.

"From what I understand, helium was assisting idiosyncratic putting their groceries successful their car erstwhile helium was changeable and killed," said Pastor Russell Bell of State Tabernacle Church of God successful Christ.

Bell said Patterson would cleanable the religion and bash thing other that was needed.

"He would conscionable my woman and I astatine the doorway and escort america to the office. We ne'er required him oregon asked him to bash it. He conscionable did it retired of love," Bell said.

Services went connected arsenic accustomed Sunday, but it was difficult.

"It was rather a struggle, we had to get done it and our hearts are broken," helium said. "Deacon Patterson was a antheral who loved people. He loved the assemblage conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic helium loved the church," helium said.

Celestine Chaney

Celeste Chaney, 65, was a bosom crab survivor, prompting her household to inquire radical to deterioration pinkish ribbons successful her honor, WIVB reported. She shopped doubly a period with her lone son, Wayne Jones.

"No substance what's going connected with your parents," Jones said, "you mightiness beryllium arguing oregon fighting. Just instrumentality the time. You ne'er cognize erstwhile they're going to beryllium gone."

Margus D. Morrison

Margus Morrison was 52 years aged and from Buffalo.

Geraldine Talley

Geraldine Talley was 62 years aged and from Buffalo.

Buffalo Supermarket Shooting A antheral reads scripture astatine the tract of a memorial honoring the victims of Saturday's shooting connected Sunday, May 15, 2022, successful Buffalo, N.Y.  Joshua Bessex / AP

Update: This communicative has been updated to close the names of 1 of the victims. 

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