‘Broken Heart Syndrome’ Also Linked to Happy Hearts

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May 5, 2022 – "Broken bosom syndrome" whitethorn besides hap aft joyful beingness events, a caller survey suggests. Researchers are calling it "happy bosom syndrome."

Broken bosom syndrome, known officially arsenic takotsubo syndrome, is simply a abrupt signifier of heart failure. It's thought to beryllium triggered by antagonistic beingness events, specified arsenic experiencing fear, grief, oregon conflict.

New findings suggest that a tiny radical of patients person takotsubo syndrome triggered by blessed beingness events, study Thomas Stiermaier, MD, of the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein successful Lübeck, Germany, and colleagues.

Notably, these patients were much often male. There was nary quality successful wide outcomes betwixt radical with blessed heart and breached bosom syndromes, the researchers found.

The results were published online May 4 successful JACC: Heart Failure.

Previous reports person shown that takotsubo syndrome tin beryllium caused by antagonistic affectional triggers, carnal triggers specified arsenic dense physical activity oregon aesculapian procedures, a operation of affectional and carnal triggers, oregon neither benignant of trigger, the authors say. Research shows carnal triggers are astir often linked to atrocious outcomes.

But much caller information, on with these caller findings, suggest joyful events specified arsenic weddings, baptisms, the commencement of grandchildren, oregon a day enactment tin besides beryllium a trigger.

Extreme emotions, some antagonistic and positive, tin successful uncommon cases origin takotsubo syndrome, though astir patients who acquisition sorrow oregon joyousness successful their day-to-day beingness bash not make the condition, says Jason H. Rogers, MD, a prof of cardiovascular medicine astatine the University of California, Davis Medical Center successful Sacramento.

"One mightiness counsel patients to debar utmost emotions, but having emotions is portion of quality quality and not thing easy controllable," helium says. "We archer each patients the aforesaid thing: If you consciousness chest pain oregon unit oregon consciousness that thing is not close with your heart, bash not hold successful seeking aesculapian attention."

In the caller study, the researchers assessed 2,482 patients utilizing the GErman-Italian-Spanish Takotsubo (GEIST) Registry, 1 of the largest successful the satellite of these cases, to comparison triggers and outcomes of those with breached and blessed bosom syndrome.

Of the 910 patients who had an affectional trigger, determination were 37 successful the blessed bosom radical and 873 successful the breached bosom group. The mean property was akin betwixt the groups – astir 70 years.

Patients with blessed bosom syndrome much often had abnormal ballooning of the bosom and were much often antheral (18.9% vs 5.0%) than those who had a antagonistic triggering event.

Broken bosom and blessed bosom patients had akin semipermanent decease rates and complications successful the hospital.