Brighton boss Graham Potter celebrated win over United ‘like a bit of an idiot’

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Brighton and Hove Albion v Manchester United – Premier League – AMEX Stadium
(Image credit: Gareth Fuller)

Brighton brag Graham Potter insists it is important for managers to amusement immoderate emotion aft acting “like a spot of an idiot” arsenic helium celebrated his side’s thumping triumph implicit Manchester United.

Potter was filmed shouting “Seagulls” portion being mobbed by jubilant fans extracurricular the Amex Stadium pursuing past weekend’s 4-0 thrashing of United.

Albion’s crushing triumph was a archetypal connected location ungraded since Boxing Day and they volition question to adhd to their club-record Premier League points tally astatine relegation-threatened Leeds connected Sunday afternoon.

Potter – who is usually acold much reserved – says helium was near with small enactment different than to articulation successful with the revelry.

“I couldn’t get backmost to my car,” helium explained. “That was the lone mode truthful I had nary choice, essentially!

“I americium really an each close person, you know? I person got a spot of emotion and americium rather bully institution if you walk it retired of this situation, I’d similar to think!

“My relation is to assistance the squad and I person to effort and beryllium myself to assistance the squad successful the champion mode I can.

“I’ve ever said I don’t deliberation it’s bully to amusement nary emotion astatine all, that’s a spot strange.

“I deliberation I person shown emotion implicit the past 3 years – and sometimes not successful a bully way.

“But aft you bushed Manchester United 4-0 and play the mode we did and you spot the supporters and you consciousness their vexation implicit a play and the location record, sometimes it’s bully to locomotion done them and enactment similar a spot of an idiot!”

Brighton person small to play for up of the travel to Elland Road, portion 18th-placed Leeds are warring to widen their top-flight enactment to a 3rd season.

The south-coast nine – who person already accrued 47 points – are targeting a archetypal top-half decorativeness since promotion successful 2017 and could yet extremity up anyplace betwixt eighth and 14th position.

Having been made to sweat for endurance successful his archetypal 2 seasons successful Sussex, Potter insists Albion’s West Yorkshire opponents volition not person an casual ride.

“The guys privation to decorativeness arsenic good arsenic they can,” helium said. “They’re young, ambitious, they privation to bash well.

“Everyone’s warring for the points. That’s what the Premier League is. Leeds don’t expect america to crook up determination and person a nice, relaxed crippled and get ourselves backmost down the road.

“They’ll cognize we are determination to compete, to instrumentality the points ourselves, and that’s what makes the league truthful difficult.

“We’ve been down determination and you don’t get immoderate assistance from anybody, you’ve got to bash everything yourself.

“We request to person that mentality astatine the play and look guardant to finishing the play arsenic powerfully arsenic possible.”

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