Breathtaking sights and sounds from Wyoming's Green River Drift

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A greeting thrust connected Wyoming's Green River Drift

A greeting thrust connected Wyoming's Green River Drift 03:20

It is 4 a.m. and 60 Minutes analogous Bill Whitaker is preparing for a horseback thrust connected Wyoming's Green River Drift, the longest moving cattle thrust successful the United States. 

Whitaker is saddled up to articulation Brittany Heseltine a 29-year-old scope rider. Her occupation is to usher and ticker implicit astir 600 cattle successful upland pastures during their summertime grazing. Last summertime was her 3rd connected the drift.

The occupation lasts astir 5 months and tin beryllium grueling. While connected the distant range, Heseltine lives successful a small, isolated trailer without moving h2o and compartment service. 

"It's conscionable perfectly astonishing to beryllium retired present unsocial successful quality with each the wildlife," Hazeltine told Whitaker. "And I get to enactment my dogs and thrust my horses each day. And, of course, the cattle. It's thing that truly soothes my psyche and it truly speaks to me, I guess. It's truly hard to explain, but I emotion it."

Whitaker and 60 Minutes joined Heseltine for a one-and-a-half-mile trek that lasted adjacent to 3 hours earlier the herd stopped for a bovine siesta.

Watch Bill Whitaker's afloat 60 Minutes study below. 

Riding on connected the Green River Drift, the longest-running cattle thrust near successful America 13:33

The video supra was primitively published connected October 17, 2021 and was produced by Sarah Shafer Prediger and Keith Zubrow. It was edited by Sarah Shafer Prediger.

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