BREAKING: LAWSUIT FILED IN FED COURT Against Dishonest MI SOS Benson Claims She BROKE THE LAW When She Outsourced Voter Roll Cleanup To Radical Leftist Third-Party Group

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100 Percent Fed Up reports – Today, grassroots enactment Pure Integrity Michigan Elections filed a suit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson for violating the national Help America Vote Act (HAVA) erstwhile she contracted with the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) nether the auspices of cleaning up Michigan’s elector rolls. 

If this sounds similar a large deal, it’s due to the fact that it is. 

The Secretary of State, arsenic Michigan’s main predetermination officer. She oversees the Bureau of Elections, which volition present see the alleged breach of national law. From an optimist’s perspective, the BOE present has the accidental to close a large incorrect and acceptable their brag connected the close track.

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Thomas More Society attorneys filed the ailment against Benson connected behalf of non-profit Pure Integrity Michigan Elections (PIME) and this writer who serves arsenic PIME’s president. The complaint was filed connected Sep. 21, 2022, successful accordance with Secretary of State-HAVA requirements.

“Membership successful ERIC is simply a disaster,” said Patrice Johnson, seat of PIME. “Federal instrumentality prohibits states from sharing their voters’ confidential information, fto unsocial with an opaque third-party enactment that refuses to respond to Freedom Of Information Act requests and shares residents’ legally protected, idiosyncratic accusation with biased contractors and subcontractors.”

The ERIC Agreement states that ERIC was formed to “reform the predetermination strategy of the United States” and it whitethorn stock informatio with “contractors and subcontractors.”

“Excuse me,” Johnson said, “but that’s the relation of our elected authorities legislature, not immoderate four-employee, Soros-funded Delaware nonprofit that hasn’t published an yearly study since 2017.”

The congressionally enacted Help America Vote Act (HAVA) requires the caput of authorities to support and instrumentality Michigan’s Qualified Voter File, the unafraid elector database utilized by the Bureau of Elections and much than 1,500 Michigan predetermination clerks, without extracurricular assistance. However, Benson violated this national instrumentality by contracting with Electronic Registration Information Center to support and instrumentality Michigan’s Qualified Voter File.

Thomas More Society Special Counsel Erick Kaardal asserts that Benson’s determination to debar her federally designated law work and to illegally outsource elector record attraction and implementation could wreak havoc connected the state’s predetermination process and perchance rig Michigan’s national elections toward definite candidates, a wide usurpation of the Help America Vote Act.

“Under the Help America Vote Act, maintaining authorities elector registration is seen arsenic specified a halfway governmental intent that Congress deemed that it cannot beryllium delegated to immoderate different organization, including the Electronic Registration Information Center,” Kaardal explained. “As each Michigan nonmigratory knows, immoderate things indispensable beryllium done by oneself. Similarly, the Help America Vote Act requires the Michigan caput of authorities to fulfill her law work and support the Qualified Voter File by herself, adjacent if she does truthful badly.”

“When SOS Benson joined Michigan successful ERIC, she claimed her extremity was to cleanable up the state’s elector rolls,” Johnson added. “Today, the fig of Michigan’s registered voters has climbed to much than 104% of its voting-age population. That intolerable fig could relation similar a slush money of phantom voters for fraudsters to dip into.”

“ERIC does NOT cleanable the elector rolls. It bloats them,” Johnson said. “Sixteen states—That’s much than fractional of the 31 states that enactment successful ERIC—have elector rolls containing much registered voters than they person voting property residents.” She cited information published in Settling the Confusion astir ERIC by the American Policy Center, investigative findings from Verity Vote, and reports from Judicial Watch.

The ailment besides contends that portion the Help America Vote Act does not authorize states to stock elector information with 3rd enactment entities, Benson’s statement with the Electronic Registration Information Center requires her to proviso this accusation to ERIC.

“Under Michigan’s existent statement with Electronic Registration Information Center, the caput of authorities indispensable transmit each elector information to the center, arsenic good arsenic licensing and recognition records from the centrifugal conveyance department,” Kaardal noted. “That intelligibly violates the Help America Vote Act and should beryllium ceased immediately.”

To work the complaint, Pure Integrity Michigan Elections et al. v Jocelyn Benson, Secretary of State, spell to Scroll down to presumption each the documents and exhibits.

The Thomas More Society is simply a nationalist not-for-profit instrumentality steadfast dedicated to restoring respect successful instrumentality for life, family, spiritual liberty, and predetermination integrity. Headquartered successful Chicago and with offices crossed the country, Thomas More Society fosters enactment for these causes by providing high-quality pro bono ineligible services from section proceedings courts each the mode up to the United States Supreme Court. For much information, delight visit

The Thomas More Society officially launched its ain Election Integrity Initiative successful 2022 to sphere and support Americans’ ineffable close to ballot against those who would usage wealth oregon different amerciable means specified arsenic conditional “gift” oregon “grant” agreements to distort, evade oregon compromise electoral laws and safeguards.

About Pure Integrity Michigan Elections

Pure Integrity Michigan Elections (PIME) is simply a non-profit, nonpartisan governmental enactment that welcomes each who enactment predetermination integrity and the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions. PIME’s ngo is to assistance reconstruct predetermination integrity to Michigan elections done a peaceful governmental process. PIME is simply a subordinate of Michigan Fair Elections. PIME is simply a subordinate of Michigan Fair Elecitons.