BMW introduces lower-spec i4 eDrive35, starting under $53,000… but why?

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BMW announced a 3rd variant to its all-electric i4 scope contiguous – the eDrive35. As a lower-performance, azygous centrifugal EV, the eDrive35 volition get arsenic the astir affordable enactment of 1 of BMW’s lowest-priced EVs. At conscionable a fewer 1000 dollars little than its eDrive40 sibling, we can’t assistance but wonderment if this conveyance is necessary? You tin larn much beneath and determine for yourself.

The BMW i4 is simply a flagship exemplary for the German automaker arsenic it dilatory but surely transitions into an all-electric scope of vehicles (well… 50% by 2030). Initial i4 deliveries began successful the fall of 2021 and person included 2 antithetic versions of the compact sedan – the eDrive40 and M50.

The exemplary has since been joined by the iX SUV and its divisive beforehand end, which volition beryllium followed by the overmuch pricier i7 sedan, acceptable to present successful the US earlier the extremity of 2022. Although BMW has besides promised to present a caller electrified mentation of the X1 to get arsenic its astir affordable EV, the i4 presently holds the bargain crown.

Now, BMW has introduced a 3rd saltation of the i4 with an MSRP beneath the erstwhile pricing basement with its eDrive40. Here’s the i4 eDrive35.

BMW i4 eDrive35 coming successful Q1 of 2023 with 260-mile range

BMW officially introduced its newest and lowest-priced mentation of the i4 successful a property release today, sharing immoderate specs and pricing US consumers tin expect to see.

According to the automaker, the latest mentation of the EV features the aforesaid Gen5 eDrive powertrain exertion recovered wrong its i4 siblings arsenic good arsenic the iX. However, the BMW i4 eDrive35 features a smaller 70.2 kWh artillery battalion that offers 66 kWh nett energy.

The effect is little estimated range, particularly compared to the eDrive40 and its 81 kWh pack. The eDrive35 volition besides present importantly little horsepower and torque compared to some different models and somewhat little acceleration than its single-motor counterpart successful the eDrive40.

Here’s a side-by-side examination of each 3 i4 options:

BMW i4 variant eDrive35 eDrive40 M50 Powertrain Single-motor Single-motor Dual-motor Battery pack 70.2 kWh 81 kWh 81 kWh Horsepower 281 HP 335 HP 536 HP Torque 295 lb.-ft 317 lb.-ft 586 lb.-ft Acceleration (0-60 mph) 5.8 seconds 5.5 seconds 3.7 seconds Est. Range 261 miles 282-301 miles 227-271 miles Starting MSRP* $52,395 $56,895 $68,295 * – Includes $995 destination and handling fees

The past quality you’ll announcement is starting MSRP. The i4 eDrive35 volition beryllium BMW’s astir affordable EV enactment successful the US, but adjacent with destination and handling, it lone costs $4,500 little than the eDrive40.

According to BMW, accumulation of the i4 eDrive35 is expected to statesman successful Munich successful Q4 of this twelvemonth followed by US deliveries successful Q1 of 2023.

Electrek’s Take

It’s ne'er atrocious quality erstwhile we perceive of a caller and much affordable EV trim, but successful this instance, I’m scratching my caput a bit.

The i4 is already BMW’s “affordable” EV option, and its 2 existent versions are spaced retired successful terms beauteous good successful my opinion, based connected what you get performance-wise. I drove the M50 for a week and recovered it to beryllium wholly adequate, but to maine it felt similar a conveyance designed to assistance loyal BMW drivers modulation to an EV.

It drove similar a combustion car to maine with its deficiency of existent one-pedal driving and creeping immoderate clip you took your ft disconnected the accelerator. Some radical astir apt similar that, but I personally don’t. Anyways, I digress.

We already person the single-motor BMW i4 eDrive40, different perfectly capable enactment priced conscionable implicit $55k. Totally fine. So wherefore present a 3rd enactment with somewhat little specs for $4,500 less? Once you’re implicit $50K, does that $4,500 truly marque that large of a difference?

Under the proposed measure to grow national taxation credits successful the US, the caller i4 recovered autumn beneath the $55k cutoff for EV sedans and qualify, but BMW has already said this EV volition beryllium built successful Germany, which would subsequently disqualify it for the afloat taxation credit.

Personally, I’d outpouring for the eDrive40 conscionable for the added range. The amended show would simply beryllium a bonus. Did BMW person a clump of other smaller artillery packs lying astir and think, “what the hell, let’s propulsion unneurotic a 3rd option?”

More options are usually amended for consumers, particularly erstwhile they are cheaper, but this caller exemplary feels half-baked and unnecessary to me. I’d alternatively spot those efforts going into a BMW exemplary priced successful the $35-$40K range. Perhaps we’ll spot that successful the iX1.

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