Blix Ultra launched as 28 MPH fat tire electric bike, touts 1,350W motor and 80-mile range

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Santa Cruz-based electrical bicycle institution Blix has launched its caller Blix Ultra arsenic the brand’s archetypal abdominous tyre off-road escapade e-bike. But existent to its roots, Blix’s caller e-bike looks similar it’d marque a large commuter oregon municipality battle e-bike arsenic well.

The Blix Ultra sports a 750W continuous-rated rear hub centrifugal wrapped successful a four-inch instrumentality and tire, putting retired 90Nm of torque. Despite the 750W sticker, the institution says that the highest powerfulness standing of the centrifugal is really 1,350 watts.

That’s conscionable shy of 2 horsepower. And with 5 levels of pedal assist, the motorcycle tin scope speeds of up to 28 mph (45 km/h) connected pedal assist, oregon 20 mph (32 km/h) with the included throttle.

Supplying that almighty centrifugal is simply a azygous oregon dual artillery setup of 48V 14.5Ah batteries. Riders that opt for 2 batteries volition person a maximum of 80 miles (130 km) of scope from 1,344 Wh of artillery capacity. Even with a azygous artillery though, this e-bike inactive packs successful plentifulness of capableness for longer rides.

Speaking of capacity, the batteries aren’t the lone high-capacity parts connected the bike. The Blix Ultra is designed for high-capacity cargo hauling too, rated for 150 lb successful the rear and 50 lb successful the beforehand (68 kg and 23 kg, respectively). The modular plan of the motorcycle means that riders tin swap connected each sorts of cargo accessories to instrumentality vantage of those value capacities for hauling cogwheel oregon kiddos successful back.

One passenger-specific accessory that volition apt go a assemblage favourite is simply a rider bundle that includes rear ft pegs and a instrumentality defender to support wandering feet retired of the spokes. Many e-bikes person added rider packages to their designs, making it easier than ever to transportation much than 1 idiosyncratic connected an electrical bike.

The combined off-road quality and cargo-hauling features of the Ultra are precisely what Blix was going for, arsenic laminitis and CEO Pontus Malmberg explained:

The Ultra conception was to plan an all-terrain e-bike that is applicable capable to acceptable into your day, furthering our ngo to integrate wellness and enactment into mundane life. This is the astir susceptible and versatile e-bike we’ve built, and it volition bring a batch of worth and differentiation to the table.

Other bully features seen connected the motorcycle see hydraulic disc brakes, an 80mm question beforehand suspension fork, an eight-speed transmission, and an 80-Lux headlight. That’s a batch of eights!

The framework besides features a driblet conception conscionable guardant of the spot post. It whitethorn not beryllium a afloat step-thru, but astatine slightest it’s not going to permission you singing successful the boys choir if you halt abbreviated and request to scoot guardant disconnected the seat.

Connectivity connected the motorcycle is disposable done the Blix Connect smartphone app that interfaces with the bike’s display. Riders tin entree thrust data, a assemblage feed, and over-the-air firmware updates erstwhile needed. They’ll besides beryllium capable to power betwixt Class 2 and Class 3 e-bike modes done the app.

As Pontus continued:

Connectivity is cardinal successful Blix merchandise strategy and unlocks a full caller level of idiosyncratic acquisition and merchandise improvements

The Blix Ultra is now taking pre-orders and is expected to statesman shipping successful July of this year. The motorcycle is priced astatine either $1,999 for the azygous artillery exemplary oregon $2,399 for the dual artillery model.

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