Big Brother's Bayleigh and Swaggy C Announce Pregnancy Nearly 4 Years After Suffering Miscarriage

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Big Brother alums Bayleigh and Swaggy C are expecting a kid together. The mates announced Bayleigh's gestation astir 4 years aft she had suffered a miscarriage portion connected the CBS show.

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For Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C, a bundle of joyousness is connected the way.

The mates announced they are expecting a kid unneurotic successful an Instagram station shared connected May 25, astir 4 years aft Bayleigh suffered a miscarriage portion wrong the assemblage location connected play 20 of Big Brother.

Swaggy C's post, which was shared to some of their Instagram pages, touched connected the joyousness of expecting a kid with his love.

"To person a babe coming successful GENERAL… is simply a blessing," helium wrote. "But to person a babe with my favourite idiosyncratic successful the universe? It makes it adjacent better."

Later successful his heartfelt message, helium admitted that the brace had plans to support their gestation quality nether wraps to support their "peace."

"Initially, Bayleigh and I were going to enactment quiescent until our babe was born," helium shared. "Not 1 connection until birth. We precocious conscionable decided to uncover connected her bday astir 2 weeks ago."

The Big Brother alum added that he's been "gearing up" for their baby's fast-approaching arrival—as Bayleigh is successful her 3rd trimester—and haven't been online arsenic much.

As for what helium has to accidental erstwhile their small 1 arrives? Swaggy C concluded his thoughts by penning a missive to their child.

"To our baby, we're going to springiness you the WORLD," helium wrote. "Everything I bash is for YOU! You volition person the champion beingness ever, I swear. THE BEST LIFE EVER!!!! We'll spot you successful a fewer weeks."

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Back successful 2018, Bayleigh and Swaggy C, who met wrong the Big Brother location and got engaged during the play finale, posted a YouTube video to "clear the air" surrounding gestation rumors.

"There is thing that has been connected my chest—I americium getting asked perpetually if I'm pregnant," Bayleigh shared. "I volition decidedly beryllium the archetypal to accidental that I'm not, but during the clip that Swaggy and I spent successful the house, we spent each infinitesimal unneurotic and we are alert that we fell a small spot heavy successful emotion and that was successful the nationalist eye."

Later successful the clip, Bayleigh explained that portion she and Swaggy C "did conceive a small baby" successful the Big Brother house, she suffered a miscarriage during her clip successful the assemblage house.

At the time, Swaggy C had already been eliminated from the Big Brother play and the brace were not capable to communicate. It wasn't until the play 20 finale that they reunited and Swaggy C popped the question.

Bayleigh shared that the tragic acquisition had unified them adjacent more, adding successful the video, "We person had things that brought america person than radical tin adjacent imagine, truthful astatine the extremity of this process it was virtually like, ‘No, I cognize I americium going to walk my beingness with this boy.'"

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