'Best stadium in the world' – Liverpool icon Xabi Alonso explains Anfield aura

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Xabi Alonso leads retired  Liverpool's legends for a crippled  against Manchester United astatine  Anfield.
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Liverpool icon Xabi Alonso has hailed Anfield arsenic the 'best stadium successful the world' aft appearing for the Reds successful a legends lucifer against Manchester United connected Saturday.

Alonso was portion of a victorious Liverpool broadside successful Saturday's fixture, which was won acknowledgment to goals from Mark Gonzalez and Florent Sinama-Pongolle aft Dimitar Berbatov had opened the scoring for United.

Speaking to Liverpool's authoritative website aft the game, Alonso said: "I loved it aft immoderate clip without playing these benignant of games.

"You inactive cognize that you consciousness it, you person it wrong and whenever you person the accidental it awakens [you]. I truly loved it and a large cause, large atmosphere, champion stadium successful the world. Great day.

"[Anfield is] different. You person beauteous stadiums each implicit the world, large atmospheres, Champions League nights - but this is Anfield.

"The soul, the stands, the lights, it's antithetic and it's axenic football. That's wherefore we emotion it arsenic a player, arsenic a fan, arsenic anyone that comes."

The 40-year-old showed that his method is precise overmuch intact and added that helium hopes to beryllium backmost connected the transportation astatine Anfield successful future.

"That doesn't alteration – galore things change, the legs change, the spot changes," helium said. 

But erstwhile you person that knowing aft playing truthful galore years, it is inactive there. As agelong arsenic I tin bask and I tin play here, I volition emotion to travel back."

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Ben Hayward is Weekend Editor for FourFourTwo. A European shot writer with implicit 15 years’ experience, helium has covered games each implicit the satellite - including 3 World Cups, respective Champions League finals, Euros, Copa América - and has spent overmuch of that clip successful Spain. He presently divides his clip betwixt Barcelona and London.