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According to KBB, the mean transaction terms for a caller electrical conveyance accrued by 1.8% successful March amidst a 17% year-over-year increase. Hopefully that uptick volition beryllium reversed with an expected summation successful supply, acknowledgment to Chevrolet resuming Bolt accumulation arsenic good arsenic a fig of affordable EV models acceptable to get astatine dealerships betwixt present and the extremity of the year. However, if you person an ICE oregon short-range electrical and privation to instrumentality vantage of its elevated trade-in worth earlier used car prices driblet further, present are a fewer of the disposable options to consider.

As always, cheque our Electric Vehicle Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Lease Guide for prices and deals connected EVs successful the US.

Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV

Chevy restarted accumulation connected the Bolt EV and EUV a mates of weeks agone and is present offering immoderate of the champion electrical conveyance lease presumption available. Consumers residing successful the southwest portion of the United States, successful peculiar California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, get the champion woody astatine $199/month for 36 months, $2519 astatine signing for a Bolt EV, which works to an effectual outgo of $263/month earlier taxation and license. The larger Bolt EUV is offered with somewhat higher monthly and archetypal costs that mean retired to $285/month.

Consumers successful the northeast portion of the federation are offered little charismatic presumption that effect successful an effectual outgo of $342/month for the Bolt EV and $334/month for the Bolt EUV. Note that these lease presumption are quoted for returning lessees; others volition person to wage $750 much up front. In immoderate case, Chevy’s lease deals connected the Bolt lineup person the slightest costly presumption successful the federation for an EV that tin spell implicit 200 miles connected a azygous charge.

GM bolt production

As acold arsenic pricing, most Chevy dealers we’ve checked this month are listing their Bolt inventory astatine MSRP oregon somewhat supra – for now. Several speedy queries connected assorted caller car pricing websites bespeak that marketplace terms for the Bolt lineup tin scope from a $701 markup down to an $897 discount comparative to MSRP. Look for deals connected a Chevrolet Bolt EV oregon Bolt EUV successful your area.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV cardinal stats: MSRP $32,495 (1LT). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 259mi. Cargo space: 16.6 cu ft; 57 cu ft with rear seats down. 0-60mph: 6.5s.

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV cardinal stats: MSRP $34,495 (LT). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 247mi. Cargo space: 16.3 cu ft; 56.9 cu ft with rear seats down. 0-60mph :6.7s.

Kia EV6

Kia’s highly anticipated EV6 started arriving astatine dealerships crossed the federation successful in February. Offered successful 3 trim levels, 2 drivetrain configurations, and 2 artillery capacities, its MSRP starts astatine $42,115 for a rear-wheel thrust EV6 Light with a 58-kWh artillery that provides 232 miles of range, and tops retired astatine $55,900 for the all-wheel-drive EV6 GT-Line with a 77.4kWh artillery that’s bully for 274 miles of range. Buyers successful request of much scope tin get up to 310 miles by choosing a rear-wheel thrust EV6 equipped with the 77.4kWh artillery which successful Wind trim, has an MSRP of $48,255. The EV6 is eligible for the $7500 Federal EV taxation credit.

Kia Super Bowl

Kia is not advertizing immoderate unconditional cash-back offers for the EV6 connected their website close now. However, their build-and-price instrumentality does estimation lease presumption that incorporated a $1000 lease currency incentive.

For the EV6 Wind RWD, the pricing instrumentality estimates a $648/month outgo implicit a three-year lease word with a $2000 down payment, for an effectual monthly outgo of $722/month. Oddly, the estimation for an EV6 Light RWD is lone $7 cheaper to lease contempt its $6100 terms advantage. And, interestingly, the lease estimation for the GT-Line AWD works retired to an effectual outgo of $862/month, which is curiously adjacent to the effectual lease outgo connected a Tesla Model Y.

Market terms of the EV6 has been steadily rising since its introduction. When we archetypal started tracking the EV6 successful February, just marketplace worth from conveyance pricing websites averaged 4.5% implicit MSRP connected the archetypal surge of disposable stock. Its mean climbed to 5.8% over MSRP successful March arsenic that banal was scooped up by anxious consumers. This month, the mean markup is astatine 7.1%, apt owed to continued proviso constraints crossed each EVs compounded with the accrued request brought astir by record-high state prices. Currently the EV6 Wind trim level seems to beryllium the astir fashionable configuration successful banal and successful transit to dealerships, which presently commands an mean $4718 markup.

Kia of Framingham successful Massachusetts, Kia of Carson successful the Los Angeles area, and Russ Darrow Kia successful Wisconsin are 3 dealers we recovered during our monthly survey of electrical conveyance pricing that person listed their EV6 banal astatine MSRP.  Check Kia EV6 availability and pricing successful your area.

2022 Kia EV6 cardinal stats: MSRP from $42,115 (Light RWD) to $55,900 (GT-Line AWD). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 232mi (Light RWD SR), 310mi (Wind RWD LR), 274mi (AWD LR). Cargo space: 24.4cu ft; 50.2 cu ft with rear seats down. 0-60mph: 8s (RWD SR), 7.4s (RWD LR), 5.1s (AWD).

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 started appearing astatine dealerships astir a period up its level sibling, the Kia EV6. And similar the EV6, the Ioniq 5 marketplace terms has been climbing ever since, present averaging 6% supra MSRP, based connected information gathered from assorted caller car pricing websites. At this moment, the astir disposable configuration appears to beryllium the basal SE trim level with all-wheel-drive, which presently commands an mean markup of $2602 – important perhaps, but noticeably little than the five-figure “market adjustment” that galore dealers people connected their websites.

An enthusiastic Ioniq 5 purchaser that I met astatine a section EVgo charging station, a erstwhile Subaru WRX STi owner, said helium ventured lone 20 minutes extracurricular of our vale and sealed the woody connected his all-wheel-drive SE for conscionable $1200 implicit MSRP – a acold outcry from the $10K markup that our section trader was asking for. A caller cheque successful this cervix of the woods shows that Mission Hills Hyundai successful the Los Angeles country has their full EV6 banal astatine a $1495 markup. Better yet, determination are much than a fistful of dealers crossed the federation listing their Ioniq 5 banal astatine MSRP. Most of these dealers person the “Hyundai Shopper Assurance” logo displayed connected their website, indicating that the terms they advertise connected their website is the terms you pay.

Ioniq 5 pricing

A $500 rebate connected the Ioniq 5 is disposable for buyers that concern done Hyundai. No mill lease offers are disposable astatine this time. Hyundai electrical vehicles are eligible for the $7500 Federal EV taxation credit. Find the champion Hyundai Ioniq 5 prices adjacent you.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 cardinal stats: MSRP from $39,700 (SE RWD) to $55,745 (Limited AWD). 5-passenger, 4-door crossover. Range: 220mi (RWD SR), 303mi (RWD LR), 256mi (AWD LR). Cargo space: 27.2cu ft; 59.3 cu ft with rear seats down. 0-60mph: 7.4s(RWD LR), 5.2s (AWD).

Quick Takes

Ford Mustang Mach-E: Ford’s website arsenic good arsenic astatine slightest 1 automotive classified website bespeak hundreds ,if not thousands, of Mach-E disposable crossed the nation. However, drilling down to idiosyncratic dealership websites uncover that astir each of those vehicles are either successful transit oregon connected order. True availability remains precise thin, allowing dealers to bid an mean premium of astir $2800 implicit MSRP based connected information gathered from conveyance pricing websites. There is simply a wide variance wrong the data, ranging from 1% discounts up to markups northbound of 20% – buying astir and taking the clip to negociate should wage disconnected nicely. Check Ford Mustang Mach-E availability successful your area.

VW ID.4: Nationwide inventory is precise thin, possibly lone a fistful of 2021 models successful large metropolitan areas we checked. A fixed dealership whitethorn amusement 1 oregon 2 successful stock, but what they person is typically marked “Sale Pending” oregon “Dealer demo – not for sale”. With production reportedly curtailed by proviso concatenation issues caused by Russia’s penetration of Ukraine, 2022 models person yet to look successful the United States. The bully quality is that if you negociate to find 1 for sale, VW dealers don’t look to beryllium shamelessly fleecing its customers, selling what they person astatine an mean markup conscionable beneath $500. Find an ID.4 astatine a dealership adjacent you.

Nissan LEAF: Obsessed with paying little than MSRP? Well, based connected information collected from automotive pricing websites, a 2022 LEAF goes for an mean of $167 beneath MSRP. But determination aren’t galore retired determination to beryllium had – Nissan is possibly focusing resources connected producing the Ariya. Negotiation is inactive key, arsenic the information shows a wide variance successful prices paid, peculiarly successful the San Francisco/San Jose area. Look for Nissan LEAF deals astatine a section dealership.

As always, cheque our Electric Vehicle Price Guide and Electric Vehicle Lease Guide for prices and deals connected EVs successful the US.

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