Bentley makes impressive cuts to CO2 emissions at ‘Dream Factory’ in Crewe

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British automaker Bentley has shared caller information outlining its advancement toward becoming c neutral passim its full planetary proviso chain. The automaker’s “Dream Factory” office successful Crewe, England is already c neutral, but Bentley’s latest numbers amusement however overmuch of a alteration it has made successful its wide biology interaction the past twelvemonth alone.

Bentley Motors Ltd. is simply a century-old automotive marque globally recognized for its expertise successful prime and luxury. That being said, the automaker earned aboriginal notoriety for its contention cars – winning respective Le Mans races passim the 1920s.

Volkswagen Group purchased the marque successful the precocious 90s and modernized its facilities to summation production. While VW Group has made conscious efforts successful caller years to embrace electrification, Bentley has not been a immense portion of the group’s all-electric modulation overseas. It presently lone offers a plug-in hybrid called the Bentayga and has a 2nd PHEV called the Flying Spur acceptable to get this year.

With the commencement of 2022, the tides shifted astatine Bentley HQ with the announcement of its “Beyond100” electrification strategy, vowing to spell all-electric by 2030 with 5 caller BEVs – 1 arriving each twelvemonth opening successful 2025. The strategy besides includes a £2.5 cardinal (~$3.4 billion) concern successful its Crewe manufacturing facility, revamping the full abstraction to enactment accumulation of an all-EV lineup.

Just months later, Bentley has shared information regarding its 2021 emissions, and its improvements compared to 2020 are grounds that the automaker and its Dream Factory are connected a overmuch greener path.

Bentley Dream FactoryOne of Bentley’s h2o seizure tanks / Source: Bentley Motors

The British automaker shared information to beryllium immense cuts to its wide biology interaction successful a caller press release, including its Dream Factory HQ and different assembly facilities.

Its wide interaction has seen a simplification of 76.7% since 2010 by focusing connected a multitude of measures to trim and reuse passim the manufacturing process. For perspective, Bentley’s people to scope a 75% simplification was 2025, truthful it’s good up of schedule. Peter Bosch, subordinate of the Board for Manufacturing astatine Bentley Motors elaborated:

The absorption of our Beyond100 strategy is to guarantee Bentley is simply a satellite person successful the transportation of sustainable luxury mobility. These latest encouraging figures amusement that the continuous absorption of our manufacturing strategy connected reducing waste, h2o and vigor usage are paying dividends by delivering impactful twelvemonth connected twelvemonth change.

Here are immoderate of the cardinal takeaways from the information comparing Bentley’s 2021 numbers to 2020:

Dream Factory CO2 emissions were down by implicit 70% successful 2021, acknowledgment to the instauration of greenish state and biofuels facilities for onsite logistics Reductions came contempt a 38.3% summation successful accumulation measurement compared to 2020 Reductions are acknowledgment successful portion to vigor generated from the company’s extended onsite star PV system, which volition beryllium extended beyond its existent 31,500 panels The magnitude of h2o utilized by Bentley astatine the Dream Factory was chopped by 26.6%, acknowledgment large investments successful h2o seizure measures and h2o recycling systems A 2nd h2o seizure vessel has precocious been installed to supply an further 1,800-liters of rainwater per time (No shortage of rainfall successful the UK either, right?) Energy depletion per conveyance was down 17.2%, acknowledgment to an ongoing absorption connected greenish state and a much businesslike boiler system Volatile integrated compounds (VOC) materials successful items similar adhesives were chopped by 17.5% Bentley is moving to trim this percent further successful the adjacent 12 months

Lots of large information present to enactment Bentley successful its quest to go “the world’s astir sustainable luxury car brand.” Bosch erstwhile again spoke to the automaker’s biology measures and its future:

Our tract is already c neutral and the ethos down our Dream Factory conception is to go-to-zero successful presumption of biology impact. We are readying much star panels and concern successful VOCs mitigation volition instrumentality spot successful 2022, to marque Crewe the astir sustainable tract that it tin imaginable be. Longer term, the £2.5 cardinal concern we announced successful January 2022 volition assistance america further alteration our facilities, combining our unsocial fusion of craftsmanship, lawsuit enactment and workfellow acquisition to physique the level for our archetypal Bentley BEV.

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