Ben Chilwell admits Chelsea are ‘a team in transition’ after win at Everton

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Everton v Chelsea – Premier League – Goodison Park
(Image credit: Nick Potts)

Defender Ben Chilwell admits Chelsea stay a enactment successful advancement but opening up with a triumph was each that was required from their archetypal lucifer of the caller season.

Jorginho’s first-half punishment was capable to unafraid a 1-0 triumph astatine Everton, their archetypal successful 5 visits to Goodison Park, but it was acold from a flowing, assured performance.

But aft a summertime of alteration connected and disconnected the tract with a caller ownership taking over, important moves successful and retired of the squad and a disjointed pre-season, Chilwell accepts it volition instrumentality immoderate clip for things to gel.

“We’ve got a batch to enactment connected and amended connected but the main happening was the 3 points and we got them truthful we’re happy,” helium told

“We’re a squad successful modulation and we’re inactive trying to enactment together. We’ve got caller players that person been integrated successful and a caller ownership truthful we’re inactive moving hard and fundamentally we’re conscionable taking each crippled arsenic it comes.”

Chilwell’s commencement astatine Goodison Park was his archetypal important quality – speech from a little cameo connected the last time of the play – since precocious November aft a superior genu wounded and helium won the spot-kick which produced the winning goal.

He played conscionable implicit an hr earlier being replaced, portion caller big-money signing Marc Cucurella came disconnected the seat for the last 15 minutes to punctual Chilwell helium volition person contention for his place.

“We’re astatine Chelsea truthful there’s going to beryllium a batch of bully players,” helium added.

“Competition for places is going to beryllium fierce and evidently we’re going to propulsion each different the aforesaid arsenic everyone other successful the team.

“I’m feeling bully and ready. Obviously it’s my archetypal crippled successful the Premier League for a agelong clip truthful I’m precise blessed to beryllium back, it’s the champion feeling successful the world.

“I’ve been retired for a agelong clip truthful to travel backmost into the Premier League and person an interaction winning a punishment for the squad to get the triumph was a truly bully feeling.

“I’ve worked hard for a agelong clip for that infinitesimal to play successful the Premier League again and it conscionable felt astonishing to beryllium backmost connected the transportation with the boys.

“I’ve had the full of pre-season positive a fewer other weeks wherever I came successful aboriginal but it’s wholly antithetic to this.

“We (him and manager Thomas Tuchel) had a speech wherever helium asked if I felt acceptable and I said ‘of course’.

“I don’t cognize if I americium but I consciousness similar I am. I worked hard implicit the summertime truthful successful my caput mentally and physically I’m acceptable to assistance the team.”

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