Behind Closed Doors: More on Runbeck Election Services in Maricopa County and the Scanning of Ballot Envelopes

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More connected Runbeck Election Services

Maricopa County is the lone jurisdiction successful the state that picks up completed ballots astatine USPS Processing Distribution Center, but doesn’t bring them backmost to the predetermination section oregon tabulation center.

Maricopa County picks up mail-in ballots and takes them straight to its people vendor Runbeck Election Services, which is headquartered successful Phoenix.

Every azygous completed mail-in ballot, whether mailed oregon dropped disconnected astatine a polling place, goes to Runbeck. All mail-in ballots collected connected predetermination day, and the erstwhile fewer days, are sitting astatine Runbeck headquarters. Maricopa has nary thought however galore ballots are successful their possession due to the fact that the ballots are astatine their people vendor.

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Maricopa allegedly uses Runbeck due to the fact that they person “high-speed scanners.” Runbeck scans the ballots successful batches to make a integer representation of each envelope signature area. This batch of images is fixed to the Maricopa tabulation halfway (MCTEC) for canvass idiosyncratic review. MCTEC notifies Runbeck if immoderate of those signatures don’t match. Runbeck separates retired those atrocious envelopes, past delivers some sets of these envelopes by van to MCTEC, which is 6 miles away. MCTEC past opens the envelopes and starts the tabulation process.

This “batch” process is repeated until each “mail-in” ballot envelopes are scanned astatine Runbeck. This takes 10-12 days aft each wide election, and ballots envelopes are delivered each time by Runbeck vans. Runbeck uses the Bluecrest Vantage message processing machines to scan these ballot envelopes. This instrumentality tin process 40-50,000 ballots an hour. These machines tin besides automatically scan the ballot signatures utilizing embedded commercial-grade cheque cashing signature bundle from Parascript. But Maricopa continues to usage its dilatory manual “batch” process of reviewing signatures.

These Vantage machines outgo $1.06 cardinal each, Detroit conscionable purchased 1 successful aboriginal 2022. Maricopa could acquisition 2 of these machines and process astir 90,000 ballots an hr in-house. But Maricopa continues to re-sign contracts with Runbeck, which prevents them from bringing each this in-house.

On Friday RAV newsman Ben Bergquam followed a Penske Truck from the Maricopa Election Center backmost to Runbeck respective miles away. Once the motortruck arrived astatine Runbeck the gross was closed down it. The obstruction prevents anyone from seeing wrong the faciliy’s parking lot.

More of the Penske trucks astatine the Maricopa County elections office. Almost similar past repeating itself from 2020! Is it successful assurance oregon corruption?@RealAmVoice

— Ben Bergquam – Real America’s Voice (RAV-TV) News (@BenBergquam) November 11, 2022

From that constituent connected the predetermination takes spot down closed doors.

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Runbeck Election Services has overmuch of Maricopa’s predetermination data, earlier it gets manipulated by Maricopa predetermination officials. Runbeck knows precisely however galore were connected the qualified elector record (QVF) fixed to them by Maricopa. Runbeck knows however galore ballots they printed, however galore were mailed, to who, and when. They cognize precisely however galore completed ballot envelopes were returned to their Phoenix headquarters. And if these came from USPS, oregon from polling places. They cognize however galore completed ballot envelopes they scanned for signatures, and however galore are near to scan. They person the hi-res envelope signature images for EVERY Maricopa mail-in ballot.

Maricopa has inactive not provided each concatenation of custody documents from Runbeck and USPS for the 2020 election. When Cyber Ninja’s conducted their 2021 Maricopa audit, AZ Senate President Karan Fann would not licence Doug Logan to subpoena Runbeck for signature images, oregon immoderate different information. In fact, Fann purposely blocked anyone from adjacent talking with Runbeck. Runbeck has been shielded from each probe involving Maricopa predetermination fraud. Even Arizona AG Brnovich refused to interrogation unit astatine Runbeck.

Concerned campaigns and predetermination investigations should people Runbeck for data. Runbeck plays a captious relation successful Maricopa elections, but are ne'er held accountable to the public. With this overmuch power implicit Maricopa elections, Runbeck indispensable beryllium forced to unfastened their books and go transparent?