BBC Chair Linked to Russian-sanctioned Subsidiary Blockchain Platform

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Chairman of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Richard Sharp, has been shown to person ties with Vladimir Potanin, 1 of Russia’s richest men. 


While determination has been nary nonstop indictment for the concern narration betwixt Sharp and Potanin, the nexus has stimulated media, considering the information that Potanin has present been placed nether various sanctions for supporting the Russian regime.

Potanin is not conscionable an state of Russian President Vladimir Putin but besides 1 of those men successful his interior circle. Potanin has adjacent been seen playing hockey with Putin before, showing the adjacent enslaved betwixt the two.

With the penetration of Ukraine, galore Russian oligarchs were sanctioned by the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the United States of America. Despite the media fuss astir Sharp’s concern successful Atomyze, determination is captious grounds that suggests the concern had been made anterior to the clip the sanctions were imposed.

A spokesperson for Chairman Sharp noted that the billionaire’s concern portfolio is managed by a Blind Trust that helped grip the investments with Atomyze.

“The statement was maintained aft Sharp became president of the BBC. This unsighted spot has professionally managed the ABCP GP Ltd and Atomyze Switzerland interests with implicit independency from Mr. Sharp and astatine the trust’s sole discretion since its establishment,” the spokesperson said, adding that “At the existent time, the unsighted trust, and truthful Mr. Sharp, person nary fiscal oregon directorial interests successful immoderate businesses owned and controlled by Mr. Potanin.”

Atomyze is simply a Russian regulated blockchain-based trading platform that plays location to a wide scope of commodities, including Nickel, the metallic that helped Potanin gain his wealth. 

In the aftermath of the sanctions imposed connected Russia, crypto-related entities were immoderate of the astir sanctioned businesses, arsenic regulators fearfulness they tin service arsenic a conduit for bypassing the established sanctions.

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