Basketball Wives Jackie Christie Marrying Husband Doug 26 Times Isn't Her Only Relationship Secret

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Jackie Christie's Secrets to a Long-Lasting Marriage

When it comes to her marriage, Jackie Christie isn't playing immoderate games.
For much than 26 years, the Basketball Wives prima has been joined to erstwhile NBA subordinate and existent Sacramento Kings adjunct manager Doug Christie. And arsenic their narration continues to play retired connected VH1's world show, Jackie is sharing her secrets to a long, steadfast marriage.
"I would accidental connection and respect," she exclusively told E! News. "You're gonna spell done ups and downs successful immoderate relationship, but erstwhile you enactment each different first—and that means making definite that you wouldn't bash to your spouse what you wouldn't privation them to bash to you—if you support those things successful the forefront and person fun? It tin spell connected and connected and on."

On the season 10 premiere of Basketball Wives airing May 16, viewers volition ticker Doug and Christie observe their 26th day by getting joined for the 26th time. Yes, you work that right. It's a contented they travel each twelvemonth to reaffirm their emotion and committedness for each other.

"I'm inactive successful emotion with him," Jackie added. "I inactive get butterflies erstwhile I cognize I'm astir to spot my husband. It's the champion happening ever and I conscionable privation that for everybody."

But their matrimony is acold from perfect. "A batch of the ladies springiness maine my flowers each the clip and they accidental ‘I privation what you have. I privation it similar yours,'" she said. "And I told them adjacent I—who has been joined 26 times—I inactive question if helium inactive finds maine attractive. I inquire him those questions and helium tells me, ‘You person thing to interest about.'"

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Jackie and Doug person experienced immoderate changes successful caller years. After retiring from playing successful the NBA successful 2005, Doug began serving arsenic a sports commentator. But now, arsenic an adjunct manager for the Kings, his docket is busier than ever.
"With commentating, helium traveled with the team," Jackie explained. "With coaching, the responsibilities are immense now. He's backmost successful the forefront. He is with the players. His hours our long. I question with my husband, but present I person a vocation arsenic good that's truly taken disconnected and it keeps maine connected the roadworthy a batch too. So I conscionable privation to marque definite we're bully aft each these years."

This play connected Basketball Wives, Jackie volition besides acquisition changing relationships with galore of her co-stars arsenic play 10 brings backmost respective MVPs—including Angel Brinks and Brandi Maxiell— to papers their lives for the camera.

Which Basketball Wife Is Jackie Christie Feuding With This Season?

While a teaser for the season shows Jackie feuding with Brooke Bailey, she isn't acceptable to spoil thing conscionable yet.
"I would person to accidental I'm ever doing things retired of love," she explained. "I volition decidedly accidental you volition spot Jackie Christy successful afloat signifier this full season. I'm a small spot of everything. I'm a renaissance woman."
And though Evelyn Lozada has stepped distant from the show, Jackie is blessed to study that she's successful a bully spot with her erstwhile co-star.

"I adore her. She's truthful funny," Jackie said. "I've ever said that and adjacent though we had our ups and downs successful the past, that's down us, that's successful our rearview mirror. And we really person a truly large friendship."
Basketball Wives airs Monday nights astatine 8 p.m. connected VH1. Keep reading to spot who is portion of this year's cast.

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