BARBARIC: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasts Pro-Lifers, Says Women Have Right to Abortion Up to Day of Birth

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Next to Communist China, the Democrat Party has the astir barbaric policies connected termination successful the satellite today.

Western European countries person limits connected abortions. Most do not let termination aft the archetypal trimester unless determination is superior information to the mother’s health.

Democrats successful the US request termination up to the infinitesimal of birth. And respective Democrat leaders are in enactment of infanticide oregon murdering the babe aft birth.

These are godless people.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is besides an termination extremist. Adams told a newsman this play that helium believes successful termination up to the infinitesimal of birth.

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He is the Mayor of New York City.

FOX News reported:

New York City Mayor Eric Adams slammed the pro-life question arsenic “radical” connected Saturday and pledged that helium would “fight” to guarantee determination are “no” limitations connected abortion.

“Abortion is wellness care. It’s that simple. And New York City won’t fto a radical of extremist extremists instrumentality distant wellness attraction oregon immoderate quality close without a fight,” Adams tweeted Saturday utilizing the hashtag “BansOffOurBodies.”

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