BAE Systems to protect U.S. F-15E aircraft from GPS signal jamming

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Two weeks earlier, BAE Systems announced that it had received a $13 cardinal declaration for precocious Global Positioning System (GPS) exertion to support U.S. F-15E craft from GPS awesome jamming and spoofing.

The company’s Digital GPS Anti-jam Receiver (DIGAR) volition guarantee the reliability of subject GPS systems for craft operating successful challenging awesome environments.

DIGAR uses precocious antenna electronics, high-performance signal-processing, and integer beamforming – a capableness that combines 16 steered beams – for amended GPS awesome reception and superior jamming immunity. These capabilities are captious for high-speed craft arsenic they maneuver done the battlespace. The F-15 Eagle is the 2nd U.S. Air Force combatant level to person DIGAR GPS upgrades, pursuing the F-16 Fighting Falcon. DIGAR besides provides precocious GPS capabilities for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance craft arsenic good arsenic aggregate unmanned aerial vehicles.


“Modern airborne missions necessitate close positioning and navigation data, and GPS systems indispensable beryllium capable to withstand adversaries’ champion disruption efforts,” said Greg Wild, Navigation and Sensor Systems merchandise enactment manager astatine BAE Systems. “Our DIGAR antenna electronics are trusted to support these platforms successful contested environments.”

BAE Systems’ household of subject GPS products connection size, weight, and powerfulness characteristics suitable for a assortment of applications, including handheld electronics, vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft, and precision-guided munitions. In summation to GPS Anti-Jam products, the institution is presently delivering precocious GPS products compatible with the next-generation M-Code outer signal, and is processing the adjacent procreation of receivers to guarantee dependable GPS for warfighters crossed land, air, and oversea domains.

BAE Systems enactment connected subject GPS exertion takes spot successful Cedar Rapids, wherever the institution is investing much than $100 cardinal to physique a 278,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art probe and manufacturing center.