Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean Shares How He Lost 32 Pounds Amid Sobriety Journey

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Backstreet Boys' AJ McLean Shows Off Ripped Physique successful New Pics

AJ McLean has reached a large milestone.

As the Backstreet Boys star celebrated 1 twelvemonth of sobriety, helium reflected connected however his travel has benefitted him some mentally and physically.

"Drinking caused value gain," helium told Today in an interrogation published Sept. 27, "but it besides weighed down my intelligence state."

From a carnal standpoint, McLean shared that he's "in the champion signifier of his life," losing 32 pounds since February by removing intoxicant and fast-food from his diet, eating much macromolecule and exercising 5 days a week.

"I weighed myself this morning," the singer, who's documented his translation connected societal media, continued, "and I'm 138."

From a intelligence wellness perspective, McLean noted his sobriety has besides helped him reconnect with his existent aforesaid Alexander James McLean—and not conscionable beryllium the lad set subordinate AJ.

"AJ is benignant of the personage who was surviving the rockstar manner and Alex got stuffed down," helium told Today. "But present I've travel to a spot wherever they tin some coexist." 

With his sobriety, his household by his side—including his woman Rochelle and their kids Lyric, 5, and Elliott, 9—and a caller solo medium connected the way, the instrumentalist has ne'er been better, adding, "I americium truthful so blessed to beryllium successful the spot that I americium today."

McLean has spoken astir his decades-long conflict with addiction before, telling Good Morning America that the archetypal clip helium tried drugs was earlier the video sprout for the Backstreet Boys 2000 opus "The Call," noting helium "was disconnected the walls."

Despite his erstwhile struggles to support his sobriety, the recording artist is committed to the travel and is present surviving a healthy, cause and alcohol-free life. Sharing side-by-side photos of himself in 2021 and 2022 to Instagram connected Sept. 1, helium noted "it's astonishing what a small dedication and mounting goals tin bash for a person. The travel is acold from implicit though. This is conscionable the beginning! #healthylifestyle #sober #nomoredadbody! Let's go! If I tin bash it truthful tin you!!"

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