Bachelor Nation's Becca Tilley Gives Update About Her Romance With Hayley Kiyoko

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Hayley Kiyoko & Bachelor Nation's Becca Tilley CONFIRM Romance

Becca Tilley is feeling the love.

Two weeks aft confirming her romance with popular prima Hayley Kiyoko, the erstwhile Bachelor prima continues to person an overwhelming magnitude of enactment from friends and fans astir the world.

"I consciousness truly good. It's specified a weird happening due to the fact that we've been unneurotic for 4 years and we've been surviving openly," Becca exclusively shared with E! News astatine iHeartRadio's KIISFM Wango Tango. "Everyone who's astir america knows, but it conscionable hasn't been connected societal media."

One payment of publically sharing their emotion online now? "I deliberation having that unit taken disconnected of not having to interest astir posting thing with her successful it oregon her posting thing with maine successful it," she said. "That portion has been truly nice."

According to Becca, her closest friends successful Bachelor Nation—including JoJo Fletcher and exes similar Ben Higgins, Chris Soules and Robert Graham—have each been supportive.

But aft launching her romance with Hayley connected Instagram, the Scrubbing In podcast big has been blown distant by listeners who accidental they are present acceptable to stock their truths with others.

"I realized this is truthful overmuch bigger than maine and my narration and my idiosyncratic acquisition due to the fact that if it helped anyone consciousness comfy oregon brave to beryllium comfy with who they autumn successful emotion with, past that's mode bigger than maine and my fears and what I was frightened of," she said. "It's precise humbling to work comments similar that and recognize the value of thing arsenic elemental arsenic falling successful emotion and sharing that."


Becca archetypal revealed that she was successful a narration successful June 2019, erstwhile she told her podcast co-host Tanya Rad that she was "in love" with someone. Scrubbing In listeners started to hear more and much astir this peculiar someone who was referred to as 95P.

The nickname began during a unrecorded podcast taping erstwhile a instrumentality asked Becca what percent definite she was that her spouse was her person. Becca's answer? 95 percent!

Does that response ring existent today? "We're successful a truly bully place," Becca said with a smile. "I consciousness beauteous bully astir the fig being higher than 95."

As for wherefore she wanted to support her caller romance aft her acquisition on The Bachelor, Becca explained that she simply didn't privation to marque her dating life a nationalist matter again until she felt comfortable.  

"It's a precise idiosyncratic happening and successful immoderate relationship," she said. "Whether it's a aforesaid enactment narration oregon a hetero relationship, I deliberation determination shouldn't beryllium unit from radical who don't cognize you oregon shouldn't person an sentiment connected your idiosyncratic life."

That's wherefore Becca values her interior ellipse for letting her stock the quality erstwhile she was ready. "I deliberation what I appreciated truthful overmuch was radical who ne'er said anything," she added. "It was truly chill that radical had my backmost similar that."

For a behind-the-scenes look astatine Wango Tango 2022, keep reading.

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