Australia sends M777 howitzers to Ukraine

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The Australian Government is sending further subject assistance to Ukraine to assistance the state support itself against a further penetration by Russia.

The details were fixed successful a media release, to denote that the Australian Government is providing six M777 155mm lightweight, towed howitzers and 155mm howitzer ammunition to enactment the Government of Ukraine.

The proviso of this further defensive military assistance is successful summation to the gifting of 20 Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles, including 14 protected weapons systems, anti-armor weapons and ammunition, subject equipment, combat rations, aesculapian supplies and fiscal contributions to NATO’s spot money for Ukraine.


This further subject assistance brings Australia’s full publication to day to implicit A$225 million.

Photo by Emma SchwenkePhoto by Emma Schwenke

The M777 uses a integer fire-control strategy akin to that recovered connected self-propelled howitzers specified arsenic the M109A6 Paladin to supply navigation, pointing and self-location, allowing it to beryllium enactment into enactment quickly.

The M777 whitethorn beryllium combined with the M982 Excalibur GPS-guided munition, which allows close occurrence astatine a scope of up to 40 km (25 mi). This astir doubles the country covered by a azygous artillery to astir 1,250 km2 (480 sq mi).