Austin Mom Tells Son She Tried to Abort Him, Then Laughs About It at Pro-Abortion Rally in Austin — Owen Shroyer Films It All (VIDEO)

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Infowars big Owen Shroyer crashed the Austin pro-abortion rally past weekend. Owen brought photos of an unbord babe and asked the pro-abortion protesters to picture what they see.

The protesters had nary thought what to say. They refused to answer.

At 1 constituent a pistillate approached Owen and told him she tried to abort her son. “I astir did. It didn’t work.” Then she laughed retired loud. The mediocre kid was lasting close there.

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A fewer moments aboriginal the pistillate started screaming astatine Owen Shroyer and deed his camera to the ground. What a peach.

The constabulary officers lasting determination did nothing.

Check retired the unusual dude astatine the extremity of the video.

🚨 Austin Mom Tells Son She Tried To ABORT Him, But It Didn’t Work…Then Goes Berserk.

Owen Shroyer goes to a
Pro-Abortion rally successful Austin, TX
And the Left Goes NUTS.

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** The full video is HERE connected Infowars.

No 1 is arsenic bully arsenic Owen Shroyer astatine confronting unhinged leftists.