Austin Dillon's Life in the Fast Line Will Speed Onto Your Watchlist With This Trailer

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Prepare for the world TV thrust of a beingness due to the fact that NASCAR operator Austin Dillon is getting his ain series.

Austin Dillon's Life successful the Fast Lane will travel the wild manner of the Daytona 500 Champion, on with his woman Whitney, adorable lad Ace, and the couple's champion friends Paul and Mariel Swan. As the radical explains successful the beneath trailer, they've been highly adjacent for much than 8 years. "We're not blood," Whitney says, "but we're inactive family."

Austin and Paul are particularly close, arsenic Paul is the tyre bearer for Austin's pit crew. Whitney adjacent dubbed him "the idiosyncratic that truly completes" her husband. 

Paul's different "person" is Mariel, and making their world TV debut each the much breathtaking is the information that they'll beryllium capable to papers their archetypal pregnancy. In betwixt trips to the track, expect to spot shenanigans ranging from an affectional babe ablution to a shot crippled involving diapers. 

The USA Network bid volition besides feature high-stakes races, hilarious adventures and heartwarming moments astatine home, each portion Austin leans connected his loved ones some connected and disconnected the way arsenic helium trains and competes successful the NASCAR season.  

Austin Dillon's Life successful the Fast Line premieres Thursday, June 23 astatine 9:30 p.m. ET connected USA Network. 

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(E! and USA Network are some portion of the NBCUniversal family.)


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Laura Magruder/FOX

Fantasy Island (Fox) - May 31

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Fantasy Island, starring Roselyn Sanchez, premieres May 31.


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The Will Arnett-hosted bid premieres May 31.


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Tom Swift (The CW) - May 31

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Coroner (The CW) - June 2

Grab your scrubs.

Season 4 of Coroner returns June 2 connected The CW.

Courtesy of Apple TV+

Physical (Apple TV+) - June 3

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Roswell, New Mexico (CW) - June 6

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The CW

In The Dark (CW) - June 6

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In the Dark returns for play 4 astatine 9 p.m.


American Ninja Warrior (NBC) - June 6

American Ninja Warrior volition instrumentality for play 14 successful June.

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Irma Vep (HBO) - June 6

Based connected the 1996 film, Alicia Vikander stars as Mira—an American movie star—in Irma Vep.


All Rise (OWN) - June 7

All Rise volition instrumentality June 7 connected its caller location OWN.

Marvel Studios

Ms. Marvel (Disney+) - June 8

The teen Avenger from New Jersey, Kamala Khan, makes her mode to our tiny screens connected June 8. 


Queer As Folk (Peacock) - June 9

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Claim to Fame (ABC) - June 11

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The bid premiere of Claim to Fame, starring Frankie Jonas and Kevin Jonas, begins June 11.

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Evil (Paramount+) - June 12

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Becoming Elizabeth (Starz) - June 12

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God's Favorite Idiot (Netflix) - June 15

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Love, Victor (Hulu) - June 15

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The Old Man (FX) - June 16

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Motherland: Fort Salem (Freeform) - June 21

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The CW

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The Bear (FX connected Hulu) - June 23

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The One That Got Away (Prime Video) - June 24

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Loot (Apple TV+) - June 24

The Maya Rudolph-led drama volition premiere this summer.

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