Audi EV models featured in hit Netflix film, plans to ramp US EV output

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The caller Netflix hit, “The Gray Man,” features respective caller Audi EV models, but Audi is not stopping there. The German automaker is rolling retired extended plans to grow its US EV marketplace position.

If you watched Netflix’s latest deed thriller, “The Gray Man,” you whitethorn person noticed the head-turning Audi pb histrion Ryan Gosling is driving. But this isn’t conscionable immoderate car – it’s a afloat electrical Audi RS e-tron GT.

Not lone that, but Agent Dani Miranda (played by Ana de Armas) besides drives an Audi EV successful the movie; Armas drives a fully electrical Audi Q4 (SUV) Sportback e-tron. In fact, the EV models played an indispensable relation successful the film.

Audi and the movie producers worked unneurotic connected choosing the cleanable vehicles for the role. Joe Russo, 1 of the directors, mentions these caller technologies arsenic breathtaking and thing not done before. He adds:

As overmuch arsenic I emotion the cars of the past and today, I americium surely astir funny successful wherever cars are going tomorrow. That is an breathtaking caller frontier that’s going to bring full caller experiences for america not lone arsenic drivers oregon consumers but besides radical who person to coexist with cars.

The movie is showing successful astir 30 countries, and galore planetary premiers featured the Audi EV models.

Meanwhile, the German automaker has important plans to grow its EV fleet, peculiarly successful the US.

Audi EV exemplary  RS e-tron GTAudi RS e-tron GTAudi EV models successful 2023

Audi plans to support the momentum rolling with a caller 2023 EV lineup; the automaker is flexing its innovative tone to support up successful a rapidly changing industry. In fact, according to a press release, by the extremity of 2022:

Audi plans to person much afloat electrical models connected merchantability successful the United States than immoderate different luxury brand.

This is rather the claim, arsenic respective legacy automakers and EV startups program to ramp the accumulation of electrical models, yet the institution volition person a afloat slate of Audi EVs adjacent year. The Audi Q4 e-tron and Q4 Sportback e-tron volition articulation a afloat EV lineup, including:

Audi e-tron e-tron S e-tron Sportback Audi e-tron GT & RS e-tron GT

The lowest-priced Audi EV is the e-tron Quattro, starting astatine $70,800. Audi continues breaking into the EV market, with all-electric Audi deliveries reaching 50,033 successful the first half of 2022.

Furthermore, the automaker is rolling retired an Audi charging hub for EV charging successful municipality areas. So far, feedback from aviator sites has been positive. The institution plans to adhd 3 much hubs successful 2023 and much by mid-2024.

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