Argentina Fighter Guido Cannetti Accepts Salary in Stablecoin

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Argentina jock Guido Cannetti of the world's starring mixed martial arts contention Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that helium would would beryllium paid successful afloat successful stablecoin USDC.

He becomes the archetypal UFC jock successful Argentina to usage a cryptocurrency stablecoin for salary.

According to Bitwage - the planetary person successful Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and stablecoin payroll with services crossed invoicing and benefits services. Guido Cannetti volition person his USDC stablecoin outgo via Stellar Network connected Vibrant.

Stellar Network connected Vibrant is simply a wallet exertion developed by the Stellar squad specifically for Argentines experiencing inflation.

According to the authoritative ostentation information released by Argentina earlier, the ostentation complaint successful August soared to 78.5% year-on-year, a caller precocious successful 30 years, and the month-on-month summation reached 7%. The ostentation complaint is expected to emergence by astir 95% by the extremity of this year.

The cardinal slope has raised involvement rates by a full of 3,700 ground points (37%) this twelvemonth but has fallen into the dilemma of "no 1 dares to prevention money".

Canneti said the stablecoin could hedge against section currency fluctuations and depreciation. 

In a connection released by Bitwage, Canneti said that:

“I americium getting paid successful USDC due to the fact that it is safer for my future.”

Due to persistent inflation, the devaluation continues to weaken the Argentine peso (ARS). Argentines are reportedly buying 2 to 3 times the mean magnitude of stablecoins.

Depending connected antithetic regulations, the adoption of cryptocurrencies is expected to proceed to emergence successful Argentina, arsenic cryptocurrencies are seen arsenic a hedge against cyclical economical crises specified arsenic hyperinflation, recessions, and repeated currency devaluations.

51% of Argentinian consumers person purchased cryptocurrencies, with 27% of them buying cryptocurrencies connected a regular basis, up from 12% astatine the extremity of 2021, according to Americas Market Intelligence's April statistics.

Argentines person been seeking refuge successful integer assets, adjacent though the state has precocious halted fiscal institutions' crypto operations.

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