Antisemitic incidents hit record while jumping 34% in 2021, report says

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The fig of antisemitic incidents successful the United States successful 2021 accrued by 34% implicit the erstwhile year, according to a caller study released by the Anti-Defamation League Center connected Extremism. The 2,717 incidents successful 2021 is the highest fig recorded by the ADL since it began tracking them successful 1979, the radical said. 

"When it comes to antisemitic enactment successful America, you cannot constituent to immoderate azygous ideology oregon content system, and successful galore cases, we simply don't cognize the motivation," ADL CEO and nationalist manager Jonathan Greenblatt said successful a merchandise Tuesday. "But we bash cognize that Jews are experiencing much antisemitic incidents than we person successful this state successful astatine slightest 40 years, and that's a profoundly troubling indicator of larger societal fissures."

According to the yearly report, 88 cases of battle were cataloged successful 2021, on with 1,776 cases of harassment and 853 cases of vandalism. None of the assaults were deadly oregon resulted successful wide casualties, and 77 of the reported assaults were committed without the usage of a deadly weapon. 

Extremist groups oregon individuals who are known members of extremist groups accounted for 484 of the incidents, the ADL said. The immense bulk of these came successful the signifier of "antisemitic fliers, banners, stickers oregon written messages." The ADL besides noted that "all of the incidents emerged from adherents of right-wing oregon achromatic supremacist ideologies."

While incidents were reported successful each 50 states and the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Michigan and Texas had the highest tally, accounting for 58% of each recorded incidents. 

New York besides had the largest fig of carnal assaults. Under the ADL's definition, which is an "attempt to inflict carnal harm connected 1 oregon much radical who are  Jewish oregon perceived to beryllium Jewish, accompanied by grounds of antisemitic animus," 12 Jewish individuals were battle successful Manhattan and 34 successful Brooklyn. 

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