Anthropologie's Summer Looks Sale: Score 30% Off Vacation Ready Sandals, Tops, Shorts, Dresses & More

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We independently selected these products due to the fact that we emotion them, and we anticipation you bash excessively astatine these prices. Shop with E! has affiliate relationships, truthful we whitethorn get a committee if you acquisition thing done our links. Prices are close arsenic of people time. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

Who's acceptable for summer? We cognize we are! Although we inactive person a small implicit a period near of spring, it's ne'er excessively aboriginal to commencement shopping for your summer wardrobe. That's particularly existent if you've got a amusive travel planned successful the upcoming weeks.

Fortunately, Anthropologie has everything we request to enactment stylish, comfy and chill each summertime long. Best portion is, they're holding a constricted clip lone sale on summertime looks where you tin save 30% on select dresses, tops, shorts, sandals and more. If you're not rather acceptable for summertime conscionable yet, you soon volition be! 

Right now, immoderate of our favorite deals from Anthropologie's Summer Looks Sale are connected sandals and flats, wherever they person immoderate truly chic finds starting astatine conscionable $28. Whether you're into amusive jelly slides, strappy gladiators or cute puffy styles, there's thing connected merchantability that's definite to acceptable your tastes. 

There's a batch much merchantability items that you should decidedly cheque retired at Anthropologie today. We've rounded up immoderate of our favourite deals and styles, arsenic good arsenic respective nether $50 finds that you can't miss. Be definite to cheque those retired below. 

Seychelles Breath Of Fresh Air Puffy Sandals

Puffy sandals are everyplace this season, and you tin people this comfy and chic brace for conscionable $48 close now. 

Daily Practice by Anthropologie Baby Terry Tiny Short

These stylish, versatile shorts were made to beryllium taken connected vacation. You tin get these successful achromatic oregon raspberry for $34 a piece. 

Matisse Jelly Slide Sandals

These cute jelly slides travel successful 5 amusive colorful options that are each cleanable for summer. Right present they're connected merchantability for $28. 

Maeve Cinched Flutter-Sleeve Top

The Maeve Cinched Flutter-Sleeve Top would look ace cute with skirts, shorts oregon pants. You tin take to get this successful violet, achromatic oregon a amusive floral top. 

Maeve Puffy Knotted Sandals

According to 1 caller Anthropologie review, these adorable puffy sandals are truthful comfy. "The leather is truly soft, and they hug your feet truthful they don't ‘flop' erstwhile you locomotion around," 1 reviewer wrote. They were truthful comfortable, they walked astir the vicinity successful these. Right present you tin snag a brace for $56. Love! 

Anthropologie Slit-Front Dress

This dress is conscionable waiting for you to instrumentality it connected a relaxing formation vacay. It's primitively $88, but it's connected merchantability present for $62.  

Matisse East End Woven Slides

These chic woven mules by Matisse volition instantly level up your summertime look. There are 3 colors to take from: neutral, entity and gold. 

Anthropologie Nixie Romper

Anthropologie's Nixie Romper is that cleanable successful betwixt of cute and sexy. There are 2 colors to take from, and it's connected merchantability present for $62. 

Maeve Marie Column Maxi Dress

Who tin defy a stylish cutout maxi dress, particularly during this clip of the year? You tin adhd this summertime staple to your container for $83. 

Maeve Fisherman Sport Sandals

These sport sandals are comfy, "cushiony" and conscionable cool. You tin get them successful 2 highly versatile colors — brownish oregon white. These person "favorite sandals" written each implicit them. 

Anthropologie Smocked Sweetheart Tube-Top

The possibilities are seemingly endless with this gorgeous smocked conduit top. You tin take to get this successful achromatic (which we love!) oregon orangish for $55. 

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