Ant Anstead Files for Full Custody of His and Christina Haack's Son

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Ant Anstead filed for afloat custody of 2-year-old lad Hudson, who helium shares with Flip oregon Flop prima Christina Haack. Read Christina's absorption to the April 28 filing below.

Christina Anstead Slams "Absent Mother" Claims

Ant Anstead is looking to renovate his custody statement with Christina Haack

The Celebrity IOU: Joyride star, 43, filed for afloat custody of his 2-year-old son Hudson London Anstead, who he shares with Christina, 38, on April 28, according to People. The exes, who finalized their divorce last June, presently stock associated custody of their toddler.  

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Ant is seeking afloat custody of Hudson with Christina receiving alternating weekends with their lad aft helium said that Christina lone spends astir "9 afloat days" with the toddler each period and has enactment Hudson's wellness astatine hazard successful the past. 

Ant besides alleged that Christina includes Hudson successful paid societal media posts and requested that the justice forestall her from utilizing him for immoderate "commercial endeavor" going forward. 

In effect to the filing, Christina tells E! News, "What Ant is doing profoundly saddens me. If this was truly astir Hudson, arsenic helium says, this should person been handled privately with a backstage justice oregon mediation, arsenic myself and my lawyer person suggested."    

She continued, "I person had my stock of ups and downs but I americium a bully ma and I emotion my children with each my bosom and I volition ever support them."  

In summation to Hudson, Christina besides shares daughter Taylor El Moussa, 11, and son Brayden El Moussa, 6, with ex-husband and Flip oregon Flop co-star Tarek El Moussa.  

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E! News has reached retired to Ant's rep for comment. 

In August 2021, Christina clapped backmost astatine a societal media user who asked about Hudson's determination aft the HGTV prima posted a photograph connected Instagram of her and then-boyfriend Joshua Hall enjoying meal with her 2 older children successful Las Vegas.    

"Just due to the fact that I don't station my each determination of people [I'm] shamed for it," Christina wrote. "We person 50/50 custody. Hudson is simply a engaged lad and I similar to enactment disconnected my telephone mostly with the kids."   

She added, "This was a engaged travel and a toddler couldn't person enjoyed it with naps etc. But convey you for your concern. He's blessed and good taken attraction of."  

Christina likewise unopen down claims that she was an "absent mother" successful a November 2020 Instagram post, writing successful part, "I hardly station anymore and I def bash not privation to station my kids each freaking time to marque it a contention of who's a amended genitor f that. This doesn't mean I'm not with my kids - it means the other - I americium with them- I'm present. So halt genitor shaming people, halt choosing sides erstwhile determination is nary broadside to choose." 

Ant and Christina confirmed their romance successful January 2018 and were wed successful a concealed ceremony that December. In September 2019, they welcomed Hudson together and, conscionable implicit a twelvemonth later, announced they had officially parted ways aft 2 years of marriage.  

Christina remarried earlier this month, portion Ant is currently successful a relationship with histrion Renée Zellweger.   

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