And Just Like That Creator Has a "Burning" Passion for "More Che" in Season 2

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Sorry, haters: Che is present to stay.

And Just Like That... showrunner Michael Patrick King confirmed play 2 of the HBO Max bid is successful the works and volition instrumentality spot 3 weeks aft Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) moves to Los Angeles to beryllium with her lover, nonbinary stand-up comedian Che Diaz (Sara Ramírez), who volition beryllium a salient quality successful the caller episodes.

This quality volition apt annoy immoderate fans, who thought Che wasn't that funny arsenic a comedian. But King isn't letting viewers power his plans for Miranda and Che.

"One of my burning passions astir play 2 is Che," King told Variety in a June 1 interview. "I privation to amusement the magnitude of Che that radical didn't see, for immoderate reason—because they were blinded, retired of fearfulness oregon terror. I privation to amusement much of Che alternatively than little of Che. Like, really." 

This is perfectly good by Ramirez, who plays the divisive comedian successful the series. They told Variety that they don't pay attraction to the jokes their quality has inspired but they recognize the treatment because Che is "complicated and messy and human."

"Che is simply a large reminder that adjacent erstwhile we don't similar idiosyncratic successful our community, they inactive merit love, information and joy, similar everyone else," they continued. "But the question for liberation includes everyone, adjacent radical we don't like. This movement, this fight, this enactment of pride, isn't conscionable for the radical who marque america consciousness cozy and cute—it's for everyone."

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Ramírez's passionateness for societal justness impacts the amusement successful a fig of ways. When they joined the cast, they insisted the writers enactment with GLAAD to code "concerns I had astir the archetypal Sex and the City." As Ramírez told Variety, "If you're going to get caught up successful this character, astatine slightest larn astir however radical similar Che Diaz are presently trying to past escalating attacks connected our community."

King and the different writers agreed, arsenic Ramírez was their imagination histrion for the relation of Che. And if Ramírez had turned down the role, King said, "I wouldn't person done the character. I would person recovered thing else."

As for what's to travel connected And Just Like That, Ramírez said, "The archetypal play was judging a publication by its cover, and play 2 is astir speechmaking the book."

The archetypal play of And Just Like That.... is streaming present connected HBO Max.

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