Amber Heard's attorneys rest case as civil trial continues

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Editor's note: Some grounds contains graphic connection and descriptions of intersexual and carnal assault.

The civilian trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continued Tuesday arsenic Heard's ineligible squad rested its case. The proceedings successful Depp's $50 cardinal suit and Heard's $100 cardinal counterclaim is successful its sixth week.

Judge Penney Azcarate rejected a question from Depp's attorneys to flip retired a $100 cardinal counterclaim she filed against Depp. The counterclaim alleges Depp's then-lawyer, Adam Waldman, defamed Heard erstwhile helium called her maltreatment allegations a hoax.

Azcarate said the barroom for tossing retired a assertion earlier it goes to the assemblage is exceedingly high, and said determination is capable grounds to let it to spell forward. She had already ruled Depp could beryllium held liable for statements made by his lawyer, a rule Depp's squad disputes.

Depp is suing Heard for libel successful Fairfax County Circuit Court implicit a December 2018 op-ed she wrote successful The Washington Post describing herself arsenic "a nationalist fig representing home abuse." His lawyers accidental helium was defamed by the nonfiction adjacent though it ne'er mentioned his name.

CBS News has confirmed Depp's squad is expected to telephone supermodel Kate Moss, who dated Depp successful the 1990s. Earlier, Heard testified that during a 2015 combat she recalled an alleged incidental of Depp pushing Moss down a staircase. That opened the doorway for Depp's attorneys to telephone Moss to the stand. 

Depp has denied he ever struck Heard, and says she was the abuser successful the relationship. Heard has testified about more than a twelve abstracted instances of carnal maltreatment she says she suffered astatine Depp's hands.

Also Tuesday, Walter Hamara, the president of DC Films, testified that Amber Heard lacked chemistry with "Aquaman" prima Jason Momoa, and the workplace considered replacing her for the blockbuster's sequel, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," slated to beryllium released adjacent spring.

Hamara said successful court: "It's similar what makes a movie prima a movie star? You cognize it erstwhile you spot it. And the chemistry wasn't there."

Hamara's grounds is successful opposition to Heard's lawyers assertion that her relation was scaled backmost and astir chopped wholly from the sequel due to the fact that of nationalist backlash to her maltreatment allegations against Depp. 

Depp's attorneys besides called the actor's manus doc Dr. David A. Kulber to the stand. Heard's attorneys called a manus surgeon who had not treated Depp who testified the star's injury to his finger was improbable to person occurred arsenic helium claimed. 

Wayne Dennison, Depp's attorney's besides sought to discredit adept Dr. David Spiegel, who was called by Heard's ineligible squad and said during earlier grounds that helium had not personally spoken with oregon evaluated Depp, but that helium had reviewed depositions, aesculapian records, video and different evidence.

Dennison questioned whether Spiegel could close measure Depp without ever having spoken to him. He besides noted that the doc referred to Depp arsenic an idiot during a taped deposition.

"So I'm reasoning back, wherever was helium coming successful from Europe for a deposition, video deposition that helium gave and helium took a overnight, the nighttime before," said Spiegel. "And what I deliberation I said was that ... if you're going to bash a large happening for a proceedings that you're progressive with, I deliberation you'd beryllium an idiot to travel successful the nighttime before."

Dennison besides questioned wherefore Spiegel felt that Depp's usage of an earpiece connected movie sets was a motion of cognitive problems.

"Maybe Hollywood stars get lines fed to them done earpieces each the time. And I don't know, That could beryllium said," said Spiegel. "It sounded to maine to beryllium unusual, if you're doing a movie and you don't cognize the lines. But arsenic you said, I'm conscionable judging, you know, what I bash with lectures and that would ne'er happen."

While it had been reported Heard's attorneys would telephone Depp arsenic a witnesser Monday, they did not bash so. Depp's attorneys are readying to callback the prima to the basal up of closing arguments Friday.

Both Depp and Heard person each testified extensively already astir details of their toxic relationship.

  7:22 AM / May 24, 2022 Highlights of Heard's testimony

Amber Heard testified she knew she should permission Johnny Depp the archetypal clip helium deed her, but she couldn't bring herself to bash it.

"I knew I couldn't conscionable forgive him, right, due to the fact that that means it volition hap again. Like, I've seen the wellness people videos," Heard told the tribunal done tears arsenic she took the basal successful Depp's libel suit against her. "I was heartbroken."

Watch the video for immoderate of the highlights from her testimony.

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  7:22 AM / May 24, 2022 Highlights of Depp's testimony

Depp spent several days connected the witnesser stand earlier successful the trial, successful which helium acknowledged cause and intoxicant usage and sending texts with vulgar connection astir Heard, but denied the allegations of abuse. Watch the video for immoderate of the highlights from his testimony.

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