Amber Heard details fights with Johnny Depp in second day of testimony

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  5:25 PM / May 5, 2022 "He's going to termination maine and helium won't adjacent person realized it," Heard testified astir 2015 fight

During a December 2015 fight, Heard said she ran upstairs to get distant from Depp, who chased her and grabbed her by her hair, making her autumn connected the stairs.

Heard said she remembers "flashes" of what happened, but described her representation of his boots and the dependable they made arsenic helium dragged her up the stairs.

"We had this statement that was a shoving lucifer that I was losing," she said, until helium pushed her implicit a chaise lounge and she deed her caput connected the exposed ceramic wall.

She said Depp stood implicit her, repeatedly asking if she wanted to go, challenging her to get backmost up and shoving her backmost down.

"I basal backmost up and look him close successful the eyes — and it was conscionable a truly inactive moment, I'll ne'er hide it. Really still. I stood up and helium said, 'You privation to spell again, pugnacious guy?' And I conscionable looked close astatine him, looked close astatine his face. And helium balled up his fists, leaned backmost and headbutted me, quadrate successful the nose," she said, miming the gesture. "Just close arsenic a I stood successful beforehand of him — I was a ft successful beforehand of him. Instantly, searing pain."

Heard said she told him that nighttime she was going to permission him, sparking different struggle. At 1 point, she said helium pinned her facedown connected a furniture with 1 genu and was punching her arsenic she tried to get free. 

"He got adjacent to my receptor and helium was screaming, implicit and implicit and implicit again. Each clip it sounded louder and much desperate. 'I f**king hatred you. I f**king hatred you. I f**king hatred you.' Over and over. 'F**king hatred you.' and past pounding the backmost of my head; pounding it with his fist. I don't adjacent retrieve feeling pain. I conscionable could perceive myself shriek until I couldn't perceive myself anymore. I could conscionable perceive saying that helium was going to termination me," she said.

He continued to deed her and shriek astatine her, she said. "I thought, this is however I die. He's going to termination maine now, and I'm not — he's going to termination maine and helium won't adjacent person realized it."

  5:01 PM / May 5, 2022 Heard says Depp sexually assaulted her with vessel successful Australia

Heard told the tribunal Depp sexually assaulted her with a vessel portion she was visiting him successful Australia successful March 2015 aft they were married.

Heard broke down sobbing connected the witnesser basal describing the alleged assault.

"I don't retrieve what I said," she said. "I conscionable retrieve being truly still, not wanting to move."

She said she couldn't retrieve the nonstop series of events during the incident. She said Depp, who she said had been drinking, had besides pressed her against a partition adjacent to a refrigerator.

"I retrieve slamming my caput up against the thing. He had maine by the neck, was squeezing my neck," Heard told the court.

They shoved each other, and Heard said Depp told her, "Do you privation to go, small girl?"

Heard said she was struggling with him and was thrown onto a games table, which she said resembled a pingpong table.

"He gets connected apical of maine connected the games array and is conscionable whacking maine successful the face, similar repetitive," she said.

  2:54 PM / May 5, 2022 Heard says Depp "was conscionable whaling connected me" earlier movie premiere

Heard told the tribunal Depp deed her successful January 2015 earlier they went to the premiere of Depp's movie "Mortdecai" successful Tokyo.

Heard said the mates got into an statement successful their edifice country during which she said thing "snotty" to him that provoked him, she told the court.

"When I walked into the hallway, helium grabbed maine by the limb and slammed maine up against the hallway wall," Heard said.

She said she got retired of his grasp and went toward a closet.

"By the clip I made it into the closet, helium had maine by the hairsbreadth and what felt similar helium was conscionable whaling connected maine but successful a truly sloppy way, similar hitting the backmost of my caput and benignant of wrestled maine down to the floor," Heard said. "I mean, it felt to maine similar I didn't adjacent person a just changeable due to the fact that I wasn't facing him oregon looking astatine him. I was walking distant from him oregon else, you know, I … would person tried to support myself more."

  1:48 PM / May 5, 2022 Heard: "Nothing I did would marque him halt hitting me"

Heard testified that by 2014,  Depp had admitted helium takes things excessively far, calling his episodes "savage, monster, devil," successful his apologies.

She said she thought it was encouraging that helium recognized the harm. "Sometimes I didn't deliberation helium understood however overmuch helium could wounded me, physically," she said.

And she said she had started trying to basal up for herself.

"By December 2014, I was pushing back, I'd propulsion him disconnected of me, I'd effort to deed his hands away. I tried to ever get backmost up, which sometimes — not sometimes, astir ever — made it worse. It ever seemed to provoke him ... I would outcry astatine him, I'd shriek astatine him, I'd telephone him disfigured names. So ashamed astatine the names we'd telephone each other, it was awful. It was awful. And we some got into that pattern. It was truthful — I was truthful aggravated this was happening to me, and it felt truthful unfair," she said.

She said she tried antithetic strategies to alteration the signifier for a twelvemonth oregon two.

"Nothing I did would marque him halt hitting me," she said, resorting to not responding physically oregon verbally and threatening to telephone the constabulary and to permission him.

  1:23 PM / May 5, 2022 Heard describes Depp's detox efforts: "It was hell"

Depp went into detox erstwhile helium finished filming successful Boston successful 2014, spending betwixt a week and 10 days successful the Bahamas to bash so, Heard testified.

"It was for the archetypal fewer days, OK. Peaceful," Heard said. But she said that changed and his moods changed rapidly. "He'd beryllium huffy astatine me, past he'd privation to hug. He cried a lot, past helium wanted to person sex, a batch — which is not similar Johnny astatine all."

His moods changed arsenic the detox continued, and helium often became aggravated astatine her, she said.

"He slapped maine crossed the face, but helium did it portion crying. It was the weirdest thing, conscionable crying, saying nary pistillate had ever embarrassed him similar that; nary pistillate had ever made him consciousness similar that. I heard that for the remainder of the trip, too, connected repeat," she said.

Heard said she shouldn't person been there, helping him during his detox, and that the aesculapian professionals didn't archer her not to. "I had nary thought what that was going to look similar oregon beryllium like. And it was hell. We're connected an island; I'm trying to instrumentality attraction of him and helium was hallucinating. He's screaming astatine maine for things I'd said – erstwhile I hadn't said anything," she said.

  1:14 PM / May 5, 2022 Depp was "doubling up his meds," Heard says

Heard says she started attending Al-Anon, a enactment radical for radical whose loved ones conflict with addiction, each day.

She had resolved to permission him, she said, but was swayed by his apologies — delivered via text, including by his assistants. He told her implicit the telephone helium was attending meetings and had a personage person supporting him successful sobriety.

The "monster volition ne'er travel back," she said Depp told her. He visited her successful New York, and said "he was sober and committed to change. I believed helium was embarrassed and sorry, helium said helium was, and I believed him. So I took him back, got backmost with him — connected the information helium would uphold his committedness to bash the afloat treatment, to bash the afloat detox."

Over the adjacent fewer months, helium worked with a doc connected a betterment plan, and his promises "felt similar a change," she said. But she said she realized helium was doubling up connected the medications prescribed to let him to support filming.

"What I recovered retired successful that clip is that helium was taking astir treble ... treble the magnitude that helium told them was his mean erstwhile helium started the process with the doctors," she said. "After a fewer months of going, 'What is wrong?' and turning him implicit erstwhile helium vomited astatine night, checking his pulse — each of a sudden, erstwhile I realized the magnitude was astir double, I realized past that helium had been lying to them and maine astir the magnitude truthful helium could get other precocious earlier helium had to detox."

She said it was agonizing: "I was truthful acrophobic for this idiosyncratic and helium had conscionable been doubling up his meds."

  11:28 AM / May 5, 2022 Heard describes Depp's questions astir scenes with James Franco, carnal attacks

Heard described an incidental connected his level erstwhile helium grilled her astir her scenes with James Franco.

"I already cognize he's drunk; I already cognize he's using. He reeks of weed and alcohol. His enactment smelled truthful bad," she said. 

Depp accused her of enjoying the scenes with Franco and called her a slut successful beforehand of his information and assistants connected the plane, and asked her explicit questions astir her acquisition with her co-star, she said.

When she moved to a antithetic portion of the plane, helium began throwing crystal cubes and utensils astatine her, calling her "an embarrassment" and a "go-getter," she said.

When she was looking retired of the window, helium sat down successful beforehand of her and slapped her look successful beforehand of 1 of his friends.

"It didn't wounded me, it didn't wounded my face. I conscionable felt embarrassed — that helium would bash that successful beforehand of people," she said, successful tears. "It was the archetypal clip thing similar that had happened successful beforehand of people."

He aboriginal kicked her arsenic her backmost was turned, knocking her to the level of the plane, she said.

"I thought to myself, 'I don't cognize what to do. Did helium conscionable footwear me?' No 1 said anything, nary 1 did anything," she said. "... I retrieve feeling truthful embarrassed that helium could footwear maine to the crushed successful beforehand of radical — and much embarrassing, that I didn't cognize what to bash astir it."

  11:14 AM / May 5, 2022 Heard: Depp did drugs with my dada astatine engagement party

The mates had decided to person a ample engagement enactment alternatively than a ample wedding, Heard said. But astatine the party, Depp went upstairs alternatively than mingling with guests.

"Johnny disappeared upstairs — in, I conjecture it was similar a coatroom, oregon something. It was successful a large abandoned gathering that was rented retired for events. He disappeared upstairs astir the full party, I would say, conscionable came down astatine the extremity erstwhile we were leaving and came down erstwhile due to the fact that helium was astatine the clip sharing drugs with my dad," she said.

When asked however she knew the 2 were sharing drugs, she said, "I was there. I watched it."

Her begetter near the enactment to get much drugs, she testified. 

"I tried to get Johnny to travel downstairs and helium conscionable snapped astatine me, told maine to 'shut the f**k up,'" she said.

  10:52 AM / May 5, 2022 Depp didn't privation maine to work, Heard says

Heard testified Thursday that Depp tried to power her career, calling it a "constant conflict and negotiation" implicit the parts she was taking.

"I ne'er imagined myself having to explicate my occupation oregon warrant my job," she said, describing herself arsenic "independent" and "strong-willed."

She said she would warrant taking enactment by saying she was supporting her parents and sister.

"He'd say, 'You don't person to work, kid — fto maine instrumentality attraction of you. My pistillate doesn't person to work'. And that sounds truly saccharine and truly romanticist successful immoderate way, but it became a existent fight," she said. "Every clip I got a script, it was — however I was dressing, what benignant of behaviour I'd have, did I person a enactment scene."

Eventually, she said, she wouldn't instrumentality parts with enactment scenes, constricted kissing scenes oregon those with romanticist elements and would speech astir much blimpish covering with the wardrobe department.

  10:46 AM / May 5, 2022 Heard's defence introduces photos of Depp

Heard's attorneys introduced photos of Johnny Depp arsenic Heard testified Thursday about his substance use. One photo, taken successful Tokyo, depicts Depp connected the floor, "passed retired with his caput connected a table" during a property circuit successful 2013. Another depicts him passed retired portion connected vacation, Heard said.

Heard said she took 1 photograph aft "a several-day binge" during which helium accused her of having affairs.

"No eating, small to nary sleep, helium would conscionable usage cocaine and portion each time long," she said.

  11:41 PM / May 4, 2022 Highlights of Depp's testimony

Depp spent several days connected the witnesser stand earlier successful the trial, successful which helium acknowledged cause and intoxicant usage and sending texts with vulgar connection astir Heard, but denied the allegations of abuse. Watch the video for immoderate of the highlights from his testimony.

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