Amazon to Pay for Employees’ Abortion Travel, Other Treatments

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May 3, 2022 -- Amazon has go the latest large U.S. institution to denote it volition reimburse employees and their dependents forced to question for non-life threatening aesculapian treatments, including abortion, Reuters reported.

Amazon payment volition wage up to $4,000 if a process is not disposable wrong 100 miles of an employee’s residence and virtual attraction is impossible, a institution connection to employees said, Reuters reported.

Amazon employees received the connection connected Monday. It was not wide if the institution was responding to a leaked draught sentiment from the U.S. Supreme Court that indicated the tribunal would onslaught down Roe v. Wade, which made abortions wide available.

Amazon is the second-largest backstage leader successful the United States. Yelp, Citi, and Apple  precocious announced akin benefits for employees arsenic authorities legislatures summation restrictions connected abortions, CNBC reported.

The payment for Amazon employees applies to a fig of different procedures, including cardiology, cellular cistron therapies, and substance-abuse upset services, Reuters said.  

Monday was besides the time Reuters changed its argumentation for U.S. employees diagnosed with COVID-19. They volition beryllium granted 5 days of excused unpaid permission alternatively of being offered paid clip off, Reuters said.