Allow Hilary Duff to Hilariously Recap Her Nude Magazine Cover Shoot

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Hilary Duff Talks Stripping Down for Women's Health Cover

Clothes are intelligibly "So Yesterday"—at slightest for Hilary Duff on the screen of Women's Health.

The How I Met Your Father histrion posed nude for the magazine's May/June issue, an acquisition she admitted was "pretty scary" during an exclusive interrogation with E! News astatine Disney's upfront presentation. "I conscionable americium not the idiosyncratic that cruises astir my location naked," she said. "So I was like, 'I instrumentality everything off?'" 

Luckily, Hilary was capable to portion down dilatory alternatively than each astatine once, and earlier she knew it, being bare successful beforehand of a ton of strangers started to seem pretty normal. There was conscionable 1 happening she couldn't halt reasoning about.

"We were successful a location successful Laurel Canyon that was conscionable exposed to a clump of different houses," Hilary recalled. "So I was like, 'I anticipation there's not kids looking retired the model close now, and they're like, Naked lady!'" 

There's nary telling whether anyone got a glimpse, but determination were plentifulness of radical successful Hilary's beingness anxious to snag a look of their ain erstwhile the Women's Health contented deed stands—including the actress' mom. "She's like, 'I'll drawback you a copy!'" Hilary laughed, adding that her husband, Matthew Koma, was arsenic thrilled with the shoot. 

In fact, helium made 1 of the nude photos his illustration representation connected Instagram for a fewer days, Hilary said: "He was hyping maine up for sure."

And rightfully so. After all, Hilary—who's ma to son Luca, 10, and daughters Banks, 3, and Mae, 13 months—just gave commencement to her 3rd kid a small implicit a twelvemonth ago. 

"I'm truly arrogant of my assemblage and I'm arrogant that it's produced 3 kids," Hilary told E! News. "So I was conscionable like, 'Let's bash thing that makes you a small uncomfortable, Hilary, and spot wherever we land.'"

Get a person look astatine the mag photograph sprout here.

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