Alibaba's Ant Group Floats New Digital Bank ANEXT in Singapore

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Ant Group, a majority-owned fintech steadfast of Alibaba Group Holdings has launched ANEXT, a integer slope pursuing a motion from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) earlier this month.


The determination comes disconnected arsenic Ant Group’s astir ambitious off-shore enlargement determination aft its failed IPO attempts backmost successful 2020.

ANEXT volition beryllium focused connected Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), peculiarly those focused connected section and determination trades. The startup has inked a 2-year concern with Proxtera, an entity supported by MAS, the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), and the backstage assemblage entities to make an unfastened model for fiscal institutions.

“We judge it’s clip to connection the adjacent procreation of fiscal services that are accessible and effortless for increasing businesses. Amid accelerated acceleration successful the integer economy, concern models are changing and pivoting to go digital-first, if not adopting a hybrid model. Financial services person to germinate and beryllium wherever SMEs are doing their businesses digitally,” said Ms. Toh Su Mei, a banking seasoned who volition beryllium starring ANEXT arsenic its Chief Executive Officer.

Singapore is opening up for a full batch of fiscal innovation and the penetration of Ant Group is simply a testament to this wide embrace. 

The country’s apex slope had besides antecedently granted integer banking licenses to Sea, a exertion steadfast arsenic good arsenic ride-hailing institution Grab, some of whom are expected to interval their ain banking services successful the adjacent term. ANEXT customers volition beryllium capable to unfastened a user relationship and this entree volition beryllium enabled successful the 3rd 4th of the year.

Ant Group besides has a licence to service the firm and organization capitalist radical successful Singapore arsenic acold backmost arsenic 2020, and the emergence of ANEXT volition notably complement its effort across the board. 

Digital banks are increasing and portion they are proliferating crossed continents, a fig of aged players similar Nubank are opening to warm up to cryptocurrencies, a determination ANEXT whitethorn see successful the adjacent fewer years.

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