Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos Steps down, COO Takes over the Helm

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Algorand CEO Steven Kokinos stepped down arsenic the caput of the company, effectual immediately. Sean Ford, Algorand’s existent Chief Operating Officer (COO), has been appointed arsenic Interim CEO, effectual July 27, 2022, the institution said connected Wednesday.  

Kokinos is leaving the blockchain exertion institution to prosecute different interests and volition enactment connected arsenic a elder advisor until mid-2023.

As COO astatine Algorand, Ford was successful complaint of go-to-market execution and operations, including merchandise management, engineering, selling and planetary assemblage development.

Silvio Micali, the laminitis of Algorand, talked astir the development: "We convey Steven for his clip and dedication to Algorand. He has been instrumental to the archetypal occurrence of our business, and we admit his committedness to a seamless transition. Sean is good positioned to spouse with maine to support the institution operations moving concern arsenic accustomed and to assistance america modulation Algorand to our adjacent signifier of growth."

Ford besides commented: "I americium honoured to measurement successful and spouse with Silvio during this transition. Algorand has experienced monumental maturation since its inception, and we look guardant to our continued enlargement arsenic we instrumentality Algorand to the adjacent level."

Ford joined Algorand successful 2018 from bundle supplier institution LogMeIn wherever helium served arsenic Chief Marketing Officer.

Founded successful 2017 by Turing grant victor and MIT prof Silvio Micali, Algorand is simply a afloat decentralised, secure, and scalable blockchain web that offers a communal level for processing products and services for a borderless economy.

In March, the Algorand blockchain announced that it added implicit 6 cardinal caller accounts to its web since the commencement of the year.

AlgoExplorer information showed that the full fig of accounts connected Algorand astatine the opening of the twelvemonth was 17,373,299, portion connected 10th March 10, that fig stood astatine 23,548,065. This means that the institution added much than 6 cardinal users to its platform, which represented a 35% summation from the commencement of the year.

One crushed for the immense summation successful involvement successful the Algorand blockchain level arsenic good arsenic its autochthonal cryptocurrency, ALGO, could beryllium the network’s large method improvement, which allows Algorand-based products to tally connected different blockchains and successful low-power contexts similar smartwatches and smartphones.

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